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  • What's in the Box?

    Note - works with New Lenses and includes:

    + Photo Case

    + Insert Card With Instructions

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An affordable case for everyone who loves to use their camera phone. Its thin, durable, rubberized body protects your phone from parking lot drops, tree branch scratches, and the occasional “I drank too much; where’d I leave my phone?” nights out.

Available in wood or black canvas, the back of the case provides subtle texture, making it easier to take pictures. The bottom includes a strap attachment to work with any standard wrist strap, and the Moment lens interface is built right into the phone so you can quickly attach one of our beautiful lenses.

Most importantly, we made this case so you don’t have to buy a cheap, crappy one on Amazon.

  • Everyday: Slim and minimal, this is the perfect case for daily use.

  • Night out: Wear it around your wrist or in your back pocket.

  • Traveling: Light and easy to carry with textured materials for easier grip.

  • Outdoors: Fits in pockets and attaches onto straps for easy carry.

  • Taking Pictures: Curved edges and a textured back for one handed shooting.

  • It protects your phone from drops.

  • Minimal thickness to fit in your pocket.

  • Back is textured Black Canvas or Wood

  • Attach a wrist strap to the bottom.

  • Works with all our New Lenses

  • Supports wireless charging on iPhone 8 / 8+ / X

  • Works with Active Edge on Pixel 2.

  • Comes with a 12 month warranty.

Curious about the differences between original and new mounting systems? Learn more.

Loved By Pinky and Rear Pocket Guy (or girl)

For all the “I use my phone too much” people, we made this case for you. It’s light enough not to indent your pinky more than it needs to, and thin enough to support the smallest of back pockets. We don’t want you rocking any extra bulge with our Photo Case.

Getting Started

At Moment we want you to have the best possible experience possible, right out of the box with your Photo Case.

Getting Started With Your Photo Case

Video - 01:25 minutes

The Moment Photo Case is the thinnest case we make and enables you to attach your lenses to it. The thin, durable, rubberized body and rounded edges will protect your phone. The most advanced Moment lens interface is built right into the case so your phone is always lens ready. The camera strap attachment on the bottom enables you to attach a strap and wear your phone like a traditional camera.

Tech Specs

  • Case Weight - 34.3g
  • Dimensions - 141.1mm x 70.3mm
  • Thickness - 3.0mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede

  • Case Weight - 46.4g

  • Dimensions - 161.1mm x 81.1mm

  • Thickness - 3.2mm

  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede

Pixel 2
  • Case Weight - 26.4g

  • Dimensions - 149.5mm x 73.4mm

  • Thickness - 2.5mm

  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede

  • Case Weight - 34g
  • Dimensions - 141.2mm x 70.4mm
  • Thickness - 2.7mm
  • Inner Lining - Charcoal PET

  • Case Weight - 42.5g

  • Dimensions - 161.2mm x 81.3mm

  • Thickness - 3.6mm

  • Inner Lining - Charcoal PET

Pixel 2 XL
  • Case Weight - 30.3g

  • Dimensions - 161.3mm x 80.0mm

  • Thickness - 2.7mm

  • Inner Lining - Charcoal Microsuede

  • Case Weight - 26.4g

  • Dimensions - 146.9mm x 72.7mm

  • Thickness - 1.9mm

  • Inner Lining - N/A

Pixel XL
  • Case Weight - 30.3g

  • Dimensions - 157.9mm x 78.9mm

  • Thickness - 1.9mm

  • Inner Lining - N/A

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