Whether you’re trying to perfectly balance the sunset, cut glare off of water, or shoot long exposure during the day — photography filters help you create effects and control light in ways digital editing can’t. We’ve heard so many of you request the ability to add filters to your lenses, so we designed a system that allow you to do exactly that. 

The Moment Filter Mount lets you attach a standard 62mm filter to any of your Moment Lenses. Simply press fit the mount onto your lens and you’re ready to go. The interchangeable rubber collars are both included, and allow you to use it with both sizes of our lenses. Step up your mobile photography game even further by adding filters to your Moment setup.

  • ND Filter: Allows a slower shutter speed, perfect for capturing the motion of water in photos and allowing consistent lighting in videos. 
  • Circular Polarizer: Use in bright lighting to avoid glares and capture blue skies 
  • UV Filter: Shoot in harsh conditions without worrying about dust or moisture impacting your lens.

  • All Moment Lenses (including New Wide Lens
  • Standard 62mm thread photography filters 
  • Step up rings for larger filters
  • This product doesn’t include filters
  • Adding a filter adds more size and leverage to your lens, so be careful not to bump, drop, or torque it so you don’t break your lens mount
  • Adding filters is an awesome way to create next level effects with your images
  • Why is it so big? Because we need to make it big enough to clear the field of view on our widest lenses