The first battery case for mobile photographers.

As a stand-alone battery case, it’s amazing. When you compare it to everything else on the market, you’ll be happy to find that our battery case is thinner, packs a larger battery, is easier to use, has better protection, and includes more charging controls. Call us biased, but this is the best battery case in the world for iPhone 7 and 7+.

What makes this case truly unique are its photography features. Capture better action photos (and selfies) using the electronic, DSLR-like shutter button. Drop your case without concern when your wrist or neck strap is attached to the bottom. Securely attach any of our New Moment Lenses, adding a new perspective to your phone camera.

We designed this case to be your everyday carry, and you’ll never want to go on a trip without it.

  • Daily Commute: When you’re on the road, eating up data and battery.

  • Travel: Whether for work or pleasure, this adds an extra day of charge.

  • Outdoors: Rubberized protection and extra power that fits in your pocket.

  • Action: An electronic shutter button enables better, less blurry shots.

  • Video: Power your filmmaking all day long without worry about battery drain..

  • With a Lens: Easily attach the best glass in the world.

  • It works with iPhone 7 / iPhone 8 and iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone 8 Plus.
  • Its hard shell and rubber body protects the phone from drops.

  • A large battery for a 90% recharge.

  • Electronic shutter button works in Moment App or Apple Camera App.

  • Wrist and neck straps attach to the bottom of the case.

  • Works with all our New Lenses. 

  • Charges with your standard Apple lightning cable.

  • Does NOT work with wired headphones or car play. Read Why.

  • Comes with a 12-month warranty.

Curious about the differences between original and new mounting systems? Learn more.

Technical Specs

  • Case Weight - 149g (iPhone 7 Plus) 109g (iPhone 7) 
  • Thickness - 8.2mm (iPhone 7 Plus) 8.1mm (iPhone 7)
  • Battery Capacity - 3800 mAh (iPhone 7 Plus) 2500 mAh (iPhone 7)
  • Main Body: Polycarbonate (PC) and Thermoplastic Urethane Rubber (TPU)
  • Mount Interface - Uses TPSiV of case and aluminum Spring Clip
  • Inner Lining: Matte Black PET (Plastic Film) 
  • Shutter button: 2 stage, electronic shutter button
  • Works with MFI certified lightning cables to recharge.

Getting Started

At Moment we want you to have the best possible experience possible, right out of the box with your Battery Photo Case.

Setting Up Your Case

Video - 03:41 minutes

We take you through the basic in setting up your case from opening the box to installing the app to learning the shooting basics. Once you receive your case you will want to do three things. Along with a small bag of popcorn you will want to first download the Moment App here.

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