Yayoi Kusama & Her Ephemeral Infinity

Yayoi Kusama's traveling exhibit has finally made it's way to Seattle and we had the opportunity to witness her infinity mirrors for the first time.

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Yayoi Kusama is one of the most renowned artists in the world known for her unique vision, love for pumpkins, polkadots, and infinity mirrors. Time named her one of the most influential people in the world, and she became the first woman to represent Japan’s Venice Biennale in 1993. She has been sweeping through the art world with her unparalleled creativity ever since.

Kusama has been living in a psychiatric hospital for the last 38 years in Tokyo, where she decided to check herself in, in 1979 and retire. The hospital is also conveniently located right across the street from her art studio, where she sculpts and paints nearly every day. Her famous polka dots have been seen all across the world, but, to Kusama, they are infinite holes of teleportation, ones that she took to start the journey of her creativity.

When you go into a Kusama exhibit, it’s impressive to see the amount of people who line up for a 30 second immersion in her infinite worlds. It feels impossible to be satisfied in her infinity rooms: once you step in, the clock starts ticking and you have very limited time to dissect the emotion behind her sculptures and installations. With such a short visit, per her request, it truly leaves an exquisitely ephemeral impression, leaving you thirsting for more.

It’s easy to see why Kusama’s exhibit has gained so much popularity throughout the years. For many, her colorful works of art can be nostalgic and childlike, thus drawing in a broad spectrum of spectators. If you ever have a chance to experience the infinity rooms yourself, I highly recommend you experience her blend between reality and infinity.


Shot with Wide V2 & iPhone 7 Plus

Love Forever

Shot with Wide V2 & iPhone 7 Plus

Phalli's Field

Shot with Wide V2 & iPhone 7 Plus

Aftermath Of Obliteration Of Eternity

Shot with New Superfish & iPhone 7 Plus

Love Transformed Into Dots

Shot with Wide V2 & iPhone 7 Plus

Obliteration Room

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