Why Is There No Tinder For Jobs? We’re Hiring.

Why is there no Tinder for Jobs? We're hiring. That’s right! We're looking for someone to complete our gang of creators. Could that be you? - Moment Careers

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That’s right! We are looking for someone to complete our gang of content creators. Could that be you? Moment is based in Seattle, but we’re a remote team, so we’re open to applicants from all over. International is great too! Check out the Job Description and Apply Here.

Generally, we are a bunch of jokers who like to work hard and make cool stuff. Like THIS! Or THIS. But we’re aiming to produce even more quality content in 2017, so we’re looking for a new teammate to help take Moment to the next level.

But first, we’d love to tell you a little more about ourselves to see if it’s a good fit. This is us:

Dani Chase

Current City: Los Angeles, CA

Enjoys: Epically short walks on the beach, margaritas, and watching other people get caught in the rain. Oh, and tacos. Duh.

Favorite place I’ve travelled: I went to Puno, Peru and stayed with an Incan family on Lake Titicaca. So cool.

What I love about mobile photography/video: Making friends! Instant communication has completely reinvented the world we live in, and mobile photography is a big part of that. It’s thanks to mobile photography we have community-building apps like Instagram that allow us to connect with and befriend people all over the globe.

2 recent #shotonmoment photos I like:

Brian Cason

Current City: New York, NY

Enjoys: Candlelit pizza dinners, long chats with other introverts about our social anxieties, and pretending I’ve mastered NYC’s transit system.

Favorite place I’ve travelled: Greece! Breathtaking mountains and gorgeous islands; every inch of the country captivated me.

What I love about mobile photography/video: My first iPhone renewed my interest in photography because I finally had a great camera with me wherever I went. I love the how raw and intimate mobile photography can be, not focusing on big expensive gear, but being in the moment, using my surroundings to capture something beautiful.

3 recent #shotonmoment photos I like:

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Erica Simas

Current City: Seattle, WA.

Enjoys: Sushi (especially when it comes on boats), swaying on a hammock while reading a good book, and listening to Neil Degrasse Tyson debunk sci-fi movie plots.

Favorite place I’ve travelled: Tokyo, Japan and Victoria, B.C.

What I love about mobile photography/video: The ability to capture life while I am on the go without feeling guilty about leaving my camera at home. Mobile photography is what brought me into the online social community. The power of a mobile device and a few apps introduced me to so many people that I now get to call some of my closest friends. My phone never ceases to amaze me with the types of images I am able to creative, right in the palm of my hand. Even today, about 75% of my images posted on my personal Instagram are shot on mobile.

3 recent #shotonmoment photos I like:

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Caleb Babcock

Current City: Seattle, WA

Enjoys: Nerding out super hard with my friend Phil. Going on road trips and drinking gas station coffee along the way. Skateboarding. Pretending like I know what’s going on 🙂

Favorite place I’ve travelled: Alaska, New Zealand, and the Cascade mountains in my own backyard

What I love about mobile photography/video:
My favorite thing about shooting photos and video is the blend between storytelling and adventure. I love capturing memories and looking back on them years later. A specific photo or video can bring back all the feels from that exact moment. I also like good light, but who doesn’t 🙂

3 recent #shotonmoment photos I like:

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Zach Reed

Current City: Seattle, WA

Enjoys: Exploring places I’ve never been and sharing those experiences. Flying drones. Cuddling with my dogs. Choking people out in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Favorite place I’ve travelled: Recently I went on a short trip out to Kalispell/Whitefish, Montana with a few buddies and it was probably one of the best trips I’ve been on in a long time. Although it was a brief three days, we saw some really beautiful sights (near Glacier National Park) and got to experience the local Montana small town feels. I can’t wait to get back over there this summer!

What I love about mobile photography/video:
For me, having access to great tools that help me take better images is a super important. If those tools can be really portable, and help me to more easily edit and share my experiences with the world, then I’m all for it. I may be a little biased, but Moment products have definitely enabled me to be more creative and free myself (sometimes) from my DSLR and other clunky gear.

3 recent #shotonmoment photos I like:

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