What's the Best Camera Phone For Low Light?

In the market for a new phone with awesome low-light capabilities? We put four of our favorite flagship models to the test.

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Note 9 vs. iPhone X vs. Pixel 2 XL vs. OnePlus 6

Which One Is Supreme?

Low Lighting Difference Between the iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL, One Plus 6, & Note 9

Caleb, Niles, and Taylor took four of the markets' best, most popular phones to the streets of Seattle for a low light camera show down. (Okay, okay — we snuck in the iPhone 4 in there just for kicks!) Which one serves the best performance? Sharpness? Dynamic Range? How blurry is the photograph when you zoom in by 200%?

Well, we'll let you be the judge...

One Plus 6 - Low Light Camera Phone Test
One Plus 6
Pixel 2 XL - Low Light Camera Phone Test
Pixel 2 XL
iPhone X - Low Light Camera Phone Test
iPhone X
Note 9 - Low Light Camera Phone Test
Note 9

Watch The Video For More Details!

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