What is a Drone Anamorphic Lens?

The Moment anamorphic lens for drones is is here. We break down what it is and why a simple drone accessory can take your aerial shooting to the next level.

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Consumer-level drones changed the filmmaking and photography game forever. Shots that used to require a plane or helicopter and some cameras that cost almost as much as the plane are now possible with a single device that costs less than most laptops.

As the drone market has progressed and evolved, the native optics have gotten better and the number of aerial filmographers has increased. Now, with anamorphic lenses for the DJI Mavic Pro and Zoom, you can bring premium glass, cinematic aspect ratios, and juicy lens flares to your drone footage. It’s like getting a whole new video setup for the price of one (seriously awesome) piece of glass.

What is an Anamorphic Lens?

Anamorphic lenses are instantly recognizable with their square shapes and horizontal lens elements. By “squeezing” more horizontal field-of-view onto the same sensor size, you can capture cinematic 2:40:1 aspect ratio footage using your drone’s native camera--all without cropping or overlaying black bars. Instead of removing data from your footage, you’re adding more. The 1.33x magnification ratio captures more of the scene and delivers that slight horizontal lens distortion that gives footage its “bursting” look that is so unmistakable from high-end cinematic cameras.

What it Does 

The comparison video does a great job of conveying the added width and unique horizontal light flares that anamorphic lenses are known for. In the tall and dense cityscape of New York, the standard 16:9 aspect ratio suddenly feels small and claustrophobic by comparison. And in the sweeping footage of Iceland, the added width makes the scenes more epic and the horizontal light flares make it downright hard to tell whether it was shot on a pro rig in a helicopter or on a consumer level drone. 

Why You Want One

Aside from the fact that you can capture true widescreen goodness straight-out-of-camera, the unique rectangular, horizontal lens elements mean that light flares have a flavor that no native drone lens can match. For the price of one high-quality lens attachment, you can create footage that captures sweeping, flare-y (yeah, that’s a word now) vistas that take the already surreal vantage point and smoothness of drones to the next level.

Speaking of smooth drone footage, the lightweight lenses and proprietary counterweight system help keep your footage smooth and your drone performing perfectly while adding unique lens perspectives that make sure your shots stand out even more. Buttery drone handling meets buttery cinematic footage. What’s not to love?

A Lens With Personality

In some corners of the film world you might hear people lament that modern cameras have almost gotten too good. What they mean isn’t that there’s too much dynamic range or sharpness, but that some of what made older, sought-after film cameras so special was the ways their lenses flared in certain light, or the way even some of today’s most iconic high-end cameras seem to have a character that makes the world look too-good-to-be-true.

Adding a Moment Anamorphic lens to your drone not only brings cinematic aspect ratios straight to your footage, it gives the insanely good native drone camera an endearing tendency to flare, create atmospheric perspective, and make this amazing world look that much more interesting.

True Black Bars

Rather than slapping black bar overlays on top of your footage, which adds a widescreen ‘look’ at the expense of field-of-view and organic-looking vignettes, the drone anamorphic lens allows your Mavic drone to capture such wide footage that most screens will add those black bars themselves, just to show your widescreen footage in all of its cinematic glory.

*Defender not included.

The Best Tool in Your Drone Arsenal

Just like picking up that dream lens for your camera, the Moment Drone Anamorphic lens gives you a new perspective and an inspiring creative tool. Flying a drone gives you a unique vantage point, and adding a lens to your drone changes the aspect ratio you capture that perspective with.

Between the aspect ratio and the character of the glass, adding this lens to your kit is the most impactful way to transform your drone footage. Just like adding a new camera lens makes your existing camera (or phone) feel brand new, adding a lens to your drone can provide the perfect spark for your creative vision.

View the Kickstarter here. 

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