Wanderlust: 15 Adventure Photographers You Should Follow

Here are our 15 favorite adventure photographers to get you inspired to travel, reconnect with nature, and live your best life this year.

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In the soul of every human being there exists a fascination with the unknown — a call to the wild. It’s a primal instinct that draws us closer to the earth – closer to the plants, animals, and landscapes that make us feel more alive.

As technology continues to evolve, we become more and more removed from nature, which, for some of us, amplifies our urge to reconnect. If that resonates with your 2017 goals, we’re here to help.

We’ve put together a list of our 15 favorite adventure photographers to inspire you this year. Give them a follow and add some new destinations to your bucket list.

#1 – Scott Kranz


#2 – Chad Copeland


#3 – Alexandra Taylor


#4 – Sammy Davis


#5 – Forrest Mankins


#6 – Kym Pham


#7 – Owen Perry


#8 – Travis Gillett


#9 – Brianna Madia


#10 – Michael Matti


#11 – Mckenzie Barney


#12 – Bryan Daugherty


#13 – Taylor Burk


#14 – Andrea Dabene


#15 – Andy Best


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