wandering the fjords: discovering norway

Chris Konig (@theadventurizer) and Tom Kluyver (@tomkluyver) guide us through Norway, sharing favorite places, beautiful fjords, villages, and hikes.

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I’ve always wanted to visit Norway. The lure of the fjords, the tiny fishing villages, and the epic hikes…it’s a combination I have wanted to shoot for a long time. With cameras in hand and hiking packs on our back, @tomkluyver and I got lost in Norway for a week.

Staying within driving distance of Oslo, we found some unforgettable spots.


There’s just no need to name one specific place, since you’ll find stunning fjords all along Western Norway. We drove from the South-Western located Kjerag up to the North and literally every tunnel we came out of, offered a new beautiful perspective on the Fjords, all with there own characteristic elements and forms.


Part of the county is Sogn og Fjordane, where you’ll find a mixture of beautiful fjords on one side and a glacier area on the other side. It is possible to climb the glacier with proper guidance. Coming back to the fact that you can put up your tent in a lot of locations – does it get any better than waking up next to a glacier?


Besides the fact that this area is beautiful by itself, you’ll find many hidden places, right next to the road. Rocky riverbeds, waterfalls, all surrounded by dense pine forests.


One of the well-known places in the South is the mountain Kjerag, known for its floating rock somewhere near the top, that makes for the perfect picture when a group of daring tourists is standing on top of it. However, the surrounding area might be even more wonderful with its small crystal clear pools, beautiful rock formations and fairytale moss.

The road to Breheimen

Located in the center of Norway, there are two more famous National Parks: Breheimen and Jotunheimen. However, the road in between these areas offers some beautiful scenery and the possibilities for great hikes as well. An overload of sheep, icy parts, waterfalls: name it and you’ll find it.

Hike to the mighty Kirkja

Once we heard about this mountain from some local people, it was already clear this is a landmark not easily forgotten. The sharp, unique peak of the Kirkja, the surrounding mountains, the lakes: you can easily spend days here – hiking and taking in the scenery.


This National Park is no exception regarding its raw beauty and the possibility for explorations. After starting at sea level you can hike all the way up to the top of the area, in between foggy mountain lakes and snow patches. Climb even further and you’re next to a glacier again.

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