Moment Invitational: Film Festival Recap + Voting

The 2018 Moment Festival was a blast! Check out the recap, with films from Jesse Driftwood, Tim Sessler, Mango Street, Shantell Martin, and more!

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Success! We couldn't be happier with the Moment Invitational Premiere this past weekend. But before we dive into a full recap for those of you who missed it, help us decide the winner! 

Go vote now.

All of the films are now live on the Invitational page and your vote will help decide which filmmaker's next project will get funded by us and our sponsors. And if the stiff competition isn't enough to pique your interest, every person who votes will be entered into a competition to win $15,000 in prizes and travel! 

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Film Festival Recap! 

Already voted for your favorite Moment Film? Let's talk about the premiere! Hundreds of people flocked to the Arlo SoHo in Manhattan on Saturday to mingle with other creatives, meet their heroes, have some photo ops, ogle mobile photos from some very talented NYC creatives, and see 11 incredible short mobile films.

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Miff Premiere 21
Miff Premiere 47
Miff Premiere 29
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Miff Premiere 34
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The Party

We owe a huge thank you to The Arlo SOHO for being incredible hosts. The hotel looked beautiful, decked out with a legit red carpet and Moment backdrop, balloons everywhere, and plenty of beautiful spaces to hang out, mingle, and enjoy some drinks and snacks. The event wouldn't have been the same without such an awesome location.

Killer tunes pumped through the space, as people turned out in droves, buzzing with excitement. Some were planning on meeting their heroes for the first time, others were looking forward to networking with like-minds, and some even showed up to catch a glimpse of our brand new anamorphic lens! Most of those attending got to take home a meaningful keepsake thanks to the Haiku Guys and Gals while some people clearly just came for the popcorn... because that sure ran out fast, haha!

Miff Premiere 01
Miff Premiere 46
Miff Premiere 49
Miff Premiere 12
Miff Premiere 10
Miff Premiere 08
Miff Premiere 09
Miff Premiere 07

The Gallery

A couple other shoutouts go to 100Cameras and CanvasPop, who collaborated with us on our gallery. This was a particularly feel-good (& look-good!) part of event. Canvas Pop helped us print some gorgeous images from NYC mobile photographers, and 100% of proceeds from the sales of those canvases went to 100Cameras, who help youth around the world to process and share their stories through photography. If you bought a canvas, thank you! 

Miff Premiere 62
Miff Premiere 61

The Films

Finally, the main course. The reason for the season! Our 2018 Moment films. There were two showings of this year's films and, afterward, a live Q&A with all the filmmakers. 

This year's theme of "Suspense" translated into some very different films! It was exciting to see how widely our filmmakers interpreted the concept. The films elicited everything from goosebumps to laughs and tears.

Miff Premiere 06
Miff Premiere 04
Miff Premiere 50
Miff Premiere 43
Miff Premiere 53
Miff Premiere 44

All in all, we're so proud of our filmmakers, their work, and the event. We can't believe we have to wait a whole year to do it again! 

If you haven't voted yet, please go do it now. We need your help deciding a winner! (Plus, who doesn't want $15,000 of free stuff?) 

Go vote now.

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