Traversing Colorado: Finding Solace in the Untouched Wilderness

Traversing Colorado serves an immeasurable magnetism, read more on how to find solace in its untouched wilderness.

Traversing Colorado: Finding Solace in the Untouched Wilderness

Traversing Colorado

Finding Solace in the Untouched Wilderness

A photographers' hook.

I know I’m not the first person to say or believe it, but Colorado serves an immeasurable magnetism. It’s been years of my constant visitation every summer, soaking up the wild, lush mountains and evergreen landscapes. I have good fortune with my family being born and raised in Grand Junction, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, and Denver, so my time is often spent with excellent company. Each time I am invited, I make it a goal to explore one spot I haven't yet seen, to ride the wave of spontaneity and learn yet another fact about our nation's most exquisite state. If you ever find yourself en route to Colorado, there is only one thing I can tell you from the heart: search with an open mind and if you cannot do so… this place will do it for you.

My most recent visitation stemmed from my friend’s invitation to our first ever Red Rocks concert. We drool over local cider and excellent live music from our favorite bands, so I couldn't pass up that opportunity. We drove nearly 14 hours straight from Phoenix, Arizona to Denver and crashed at our other friend’s quaint apartment in Capitol Hill. Our days were numbered by the hikes we took outside the city’s corridors and soaked every last minute of our time in the fresh, summer air. And sure... we snuck inside a bar or movie theatre every now and then — you have to do “all the things”, so they say.

Colorado is insane. Look at this sunset!

Through the woods to grandmother's house we go! (Not really).

Just below the alpine wilderness.

Find Something Intriguing

One of the reasons why I keep going back is that I’ll never know what I’ll find (nor will I ever be able to predict weather conditions, which is half the fun!). From day trips to the northern mountainscapes to stellar backpacking locations across the state line, there’s room for all levels of leisure. Some days I felt weak, so we’d hop around the hot springs in Glenwood, and other days we’d feel up to roaming the entirety of a 10-mile hiking trail. Never rush the process, though. You can always return, always come back and seek the path less traveled. It’s best to wholly enjoy one thing than to run around in circles aiming to experience everything.

Trekking through the muggy summers.

One step at a time.

Open, wide spaces.

Search For The Strange

Colorado is a pot of gold. Whether you’re into cool concert venues, like Red Rocks, a local cider corps, like Stem, or be enthralled by majestic hangings lakes then you’re in the right place. My favorite website to visit in search of strange and unusual activities or destinations is Atlas Obscura. In fact, there’s an entire list of things to do specifically in Colorado to check out — a whole 154 of them! There’s anything from hot springs, castles, verde valleys, to its exciting water parks. I’ve been lucky enough to experience quite a number of recreation items on this list and can say with utter confidence that I’m more than happy to have had such a grand opportunity.

Vintage postcards from my father's old shoebox.

Racing down Pike's Peak.

Just guys being dudes.

Dad and his buddies were climbing Colorado more than anyone else.

Dig In

Don’t get me wrong, Colorado is a majestic suit of beauty of solace, but the food is equally as important as any other quality about this state. Places in Denver like Stanley Marketplace, or Snooze are top-quality breakfast joints that linger with mimosa breath and bacon grease. It’s the perfect start to any day, especially when beginning a nearby hike. If you’re ever near Pagosa Springs (delightful quaint town on the border of Colorado’s mountains land), check out The Rose for a fantastic landmark lunch.

Drinking beer and enjoying campfires in the wild.

Alpine Lakes.

Up the hill, just a little farther.

Don’t Even Get Me Started On The Hikes…

Space in my head is boundless, the best time to unleash such thoughts of scurry, furry ideas are on the trails. When surrounded by a nearly perfect scenery that can only be seen on your computer’s desktop, there’s no wonder why nature makes human happier, healthier, and more at ease. Nature is the greatest reset button. As soon as the fresh air swarms the gentle ends of my nostrils, I immediately feel a sense of purpose and peace. “I’m suppose to be right here, right now”, I think to myself. I close my eyes as my shoulders stiffly roll to the tips of my ears, down the back… and my feet get moving (they do all the work!).

Some hikes that I loved over the years that I highly recommend are:

Wide, open spaces.

Goes on for miles and miles.

Happy Travels!

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