'TRANQUILITY': A Moment Film by Justin Kaminuma

We all want connection, whether it's human or with nature. This is a story of Tommy, a fisherman, going on one final kayak before winter comes in full force.

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The world feels much bigger when it is just you and an endless flow of water. I wanted to capture this feeling through the eyes of Tommy, a passionate fisherman who often comes out to this pond, rain or shine. To him, it doesn’t matter whether a fish is caught, but instead, if he is able to experience nature and watch the sun set below the trees with good friends. He lives by a Henry David Thoreau quote, which famously says “Many men go fishing all their lives without knowing that it is not the fish they are after.”

Justin Kaminuma

Justin Kaminuma is a filmmaker and photographer who lives in a small town in Massachusetts. He found his passion through film at 15 years old when he decided to use the skills he acquired from editing video game clips to direct cinematic short films, with a goal of evoking a specific emotion in the viewer, whether it is joy, inspiration, or nostalgia.

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