Touchdown! How To Take Awesome Football Photos

We've got the perfect tips for you to kick off this football season. Learn how to take photos like a pro with your mobile device.

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Football season is upon us! That means rooting from the stands, tailgating, sporting your favorite player’s jersey, fantasy leagues, and prepping all season for an epic Superbowl party.

Whatever you’ve got planned, make sure you capture this season in all its glory, with these crucial but simple photo tips:

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Huge Stadium Shots

Aside from watching your team play, the second best part about heading to a stadium to watch the game is being a part of the crowd. There is no better way to show off the immense size of the crowd and stadium than by using a wide angle lens. Try walking to different corners and levels of the stadium, too, so you can grab different shots and perspectives of the architectural design.

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Close-Up Shots, Without Expensive Seats

Some stadiums and games won’t let you bring a fancy camera with you, and most of us don’t have great seats every game. That’s why it’s important to have a zoom lens with you, if you want to get some shots of your favorite players on the field. You may not get as as much zoom as you want from the nosebleed section, but you’ll get a lot closer with a Tele lens than with the native camera app on any mobile device. You also won’t lose image quality from that “pinch-to-zoom” technique, which, let’s face it, does anyone ever really get great photos out of doing that?

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, you can even get 4x as close by mounting the Moment Tele over the built-in Tele lens on the device, giving you about a 100mm lens. The Tele is also a great portrait lens for capturing photos of your friends and family dressed in their favorite football attire.

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Killer Fast-Action Shots

What are sports without some action? We highly recommend using your burst mode feature in the app when shooting photos during a game. Who knows, you might end up grabbing a frontpage-worthy photo! Burst mode can help you achieve photos of players catching the ball, jumping or diving in mid-air, or sprinting into the endzone. This feature can also give your photos motion.

Most native cameras on mobile devices will have this feature built-in, and you can even make a creative GIF out of your sequential photos.

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Details & The Perfect Gift

Sometimes the fun isn’t just in the game but in the team spirit itself! Try using unique perspectives, such as a Macro lens, to shoot fun textures of your facepaint, football, field grass, pom-poms, jersey, and more. Blowing up and printing these abstract images make great gifts for football fans during both the on and off seasons.

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The Candids You’ve Dreamed About

Some things JUST happen without warning, so it’s important to always be on alert and ready. At a football game or enjoying the game at home with friends and family, there’s the same opportunity. Being able to capture images on your phone makes it seamlessly easy to never miss a shot. Get ready to capture that touchdown (or a fan’s reaction to what-could-have-been-the-winning-touchdown) by having your phone in hand at all times or around your neck/wrist with a strap.

Having a Wide angle is beneficial too. That way, you are not constricted by space, and you’re able to capture more in your frame without worrying so much about setting up your shot.

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