S9/S9+ Camera Tips: Taking Better Photos

Learn how to make the most out of your S9/S9+ when taking photos. Check out a few tips in taking better photos with your new Galaxy S9/S9+ device!

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How To Shoot Stunning Mobile Photography

For two weeks, instead of using my usual iPhone setup, I shot with the S9/S9+ device, pushing myself to really test out all its features. As usual, I found myself complaining about what I didn't like about Android - how difficult it is to use, how the gestures on the settings are so sensitive that I find myself being in selfie mode, and the general fact that it's not just like my iPhone. 

Eventually, however, I found myself enjoying the device more and more as I got to shoot with it. So below are some tips and things I loved about the new line. Who knows -- maybe it will convince you to upgrade your device to the Galaxy S9/S9+. Be sure to pre-order your case today

S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos
S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos

Tip 1: Use Pro-Mode

This is probably one of my favorite features of the Galaxy devices: Pro-Mode. This tool really allows you to have full control of your settings, enabling you to change your shutter speed, ISO, aperture, auto focus or manual focus. Not all mobile devices in the native app have this feature, so you typically would have to download a 3rd party app. 

One thing that I love about this is being able to control your shutter speed. A little bit of blur can easily be achieved if you have a slower shutter speed. This makes for really interesting images, especially for street photography where there's a lot going on. 

S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos
S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos
S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos

Tip 2: Select your Aperture

Another new feature that the S9/S9+ has is the ability to select the aperture of 1.4 and 2.4. This allows you to have more of a shallow depth of field (using 1.4) versus taking photos with an aperture of 2.4. 

Please note that I didn't see too much of a drastic difference between the two, but after taking photos at night while using the 1.4 aperture, I'd say that this is great for low light photography. There's not too much noise or grain as you'd see in most low light photos taken on a phone.

S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos
S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos
S9/S9+ Tips: Taking Better Photos

Tip 3: Live Focus (only for the S9+)

Full disclosure: you are able to mount Moment lenses onto the tele (bottom) lens of the S9+, but it doesn't give you the full effect of the portrait mode, which is what this feature is meant for. So for this, I'd recommend not using a lens if you don't need it. 

Portrait mode is amazing for low light but also for photos where you want a sharp, in-focus subject and a blurry foreground or background. We also took some photos of dog portraits using the S9+ and it's Live Focus feature here!

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Tip 4: Take Advantage of it's Vibrancy

While most people will complain how vibrant or saturated the colors are when you take photos, I say take advantage of it. With a little bit of post processing in your favorite mobile apps, mine being VSCO, you can make subjects pop, which really adds to your photo. 

If you need a simple guide to editing on your phone - be sure to check out these Momentist pieces:

5 Tips For Better Editing In VSCO, 11 Essential VSCO Editing Tips, and Lightroom Mobile: 4 Tips for Editing Photos on Your Phone.

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That's It For Now!

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