How To Take Amazing Photos of The Eclipse On Your Phone

Don't forget these tips to shooting the perfect total eclipse on mobile.

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A total eclipse is when the moon fully covers the sun. It can only take place when the Moon's orbit is closest to the Earth. It's one of the most popular events to photograph, but you definitely have to have the right gear and be prepared, especially if you are shooting it on mobile.

Here's what you'll need to get the perfect shot on your phone:

Moment Tele Lens

The Moment Tele has a focal length of 60mm and is our zoom lens. This lens accessory will help you get a closer image of the eclipse without having to use digital zoom (pinch to zoom), which may degrade image quality. Having a Tele lens is great, especially for users who don't have a built in dual lens like those who have an iPhone 7 Plus. 

Moment Tele On iPhone 7 Plus

Moondog ND Filter

When shooting a very bright subject, it's a good idea to use a filter to block some of the light coming into the phone's sensor. Think of it as wearing sunglasses, but for your camera. Since you are not able to change the phones aperture, chances are your shutter speed won't be fast enough to expose the eclipse correctly without a filter. The Moondog filter attachment lets you connect a 52mm filter to the front of the moment Tele lens. We recommend using a solar filter because it's designed specifically for shooting into the sun. If you don't have a solar filter, an 8 or higher-stop ND filter would also do the trick.

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Moment App

In the Moment App, there are a few features that will help you shoot the total eclipse. First, if you are shooting with the Moment App, you have option to shoot with TIFF or RAW format. The images shot in this format will be larger in size; therefore, they'll produce higher quality images. This format is also helpful in editing your image because it allows for you to alter your colors, brightness, and other elements of the photograph without distorting image quality. 

Secondly, if you are using an iPhone 7 Plus, you are now able to mount your Moment Tele over the built-in dual lens on the phone (the lens on the right side). This will now extend your focal length to that of a 100mm equivalent lens, allowing you to get even closer to the eclipse. 

Img 2685
Moment Tele
Img 2684
Moment Tele On Dual Lens Tele
Img 2687
Shooting Raw
Img 2683
Dual Lens Selection In Moment App, iPhone 7 Plus

Use A Tripod

We recommend using a tripod with your phone, if possible, when capturing the eclipse. This will help keep your phone steady for the shot, making sure you get all of your images in focus. Use a self-timer to have the camera take the photo automatically. That way you aren't moving or shaking the camera on the tripod once you have it set up!

*If you'd prefer to get a mobile adapter so you can use your own tripod, check out the MeFoto Sidekick 360!

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