Tips to Create Poster-Worthy Architecture + Interior Shots

If you’re anything like us, you lust over vibrant textiles, colorful interiors, and dreamy abodes. Follow these tips for architectural & interior photography.

Tips for Creating Poster-Worthy Interior Photos

If you’re anything like us, you lust over vibrant textiles, colorful interiors, and dreamy abodes that exude character and evoke emotion. When wanderlust strikes — traveling to far-off places home to curated collections of stunning vacation homes, Air BnB’s, and local storefronts can truly stimulate a one-of-a-kind travel experience. Often times, it’s these architectural and interior wonders that become the destination in and of themselves.

Learning to effectively capture such brilliant locales are a must, we owe these places of beauty a place of remembrance with an artistic flare. Follow these 6 must-know tips for stunning architectural and interior photography.

Explore Color Palettes

Missionize your space’s tour de force by anchoring every inch of color embedded within the frame’s tiny corridors. Don’t think yellow, red, or brown — imagine Bavarian cream, Arizona tan, burnished bronze, or castle stone. Culminate the luxurious kitchen tile or bathroom towel rack with love, intentionally seek which the lovely color palettes each room possesses. 

Make it bright, stain it tight.

Make It Straightforward

Angel your camera head-on to the subject, this will greatly enhance the composition of your subject. By having the camera capture from a straightforward angle (zero tilting must be engaged), you will see a tremendous difference in how straight every line should be.

Straight line are important. No tilting.

The Beauty of Natural Light

Shut the lights off and open the windows if you must; natural light secures a gorgeous tone to the photograph. Fluorescent flares will produce an unwarranted tint and change the way your colors will look. If there isn’t enough light from the outside to pour inside, try shooting during the middle of the day or when sunbeams dance through the window beams during golden hour.

Composition Is Key

Referring to old school photography techniques can be tiresome, we get it, but capturing architectural gems that sparkle innovation and creative confidence deserve excellent composition. The rule of thirds is one of the most important principles to follow; simply imagine breaking an image down into thirds (both horizontally and vertically) into a total of 9 parts. 

Your 9-part grid now identifies four important parts of the image that you should consider placing points of interest in as you frame your image.

Remove Any Clutter

Simplicity is divine; throw away your stained cardboard coffee cup from your living room dining table and tidy up. No interior styling is necessary, but fluffing the pillows or taking a step to the right to avoid a street side trash can will greatly impact your image.

Shot on a Canon Rebel 2000.

Scout Unique Locations

Constantly be on the hunt for architectural gems on the horizon that couple sparkle your innovation and irrepressible inventiveness. Tall standing buildings, bear claw bathtubs, and moroccan poufs could mean more than just a unique design and functional space — interiors are a livable work of art.

Be a scout, explore eye-catching corners, and don’t rush perfection.

We can only hope that these images serve as an inspiring message for future travel logs, and that your camera will flick with wild shutter speed at the sight of something beautiful. Remember — composition is key, colors tell stories, and to shoot in natural light whenever possible.

Happy Scouting!