There’s Nothing Like It: Winter in Los Angeles

Danny Karel’s photos give a glimpse into one of the oddest climate and cultural phenomenons: Winter in Los Angeles, California @dannykarel.

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On January 15th, 1932, two inches of snow lightly dusted the Los Angeles Basin, setting a 24-hour snowfall record that still stands to this day. The thought of a winter wonderland has tantalized us ever since, but with each passing year, rising temperatures continue to push that dream farther away. Our only solace is that Los Angeles is a city built by and for dreamers, so the winter season provides us an opportunity to reimagine the city and create the illusion of a frozen winter.

Lights are wrapped around palm trees, street musicians play holiday tunes in short sleeves, local theaters show classic winter films, and beachside bars position cinnamon and eggnog at the forefront of their drink menus. You begin to feel like an actor walking the set of a holiday play, lost in the wintry atmosphere, but still shedding clothing layers under the afternoon sun.

This is winter in Los Angeles, California.

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