The Last Frontier: 6 Reasons to Visit Alaska

Alaska, often hailed as “the last frontier,” carries with it a mystical nature. Check out these 6 reasons to visit and photograph Alaska.

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Alaska, often hailed as “the last frontier,” carries with it a mystical nature. Its allure captivates travelers and photographers alike because it seems almost too foreign to be a part of the US. If National Geographic or countless Instagram posts haven’t captivated you yet, here are our 6 reasons Alaska should be at the top of your travel list.


You don’t have to be an outdoor fiend to adventure to Alaska, but if you like to get off the beaten path, then Alaska is for you. In fact, most of Alaska is off the beaten path. You’ll find great hikes year round. Just don’t forget your snowshoes!


There’s too much of Alaska to see on foot, so you’ll have to hop in a car to cover as much ground as you can. A road trip through this great state will present new sites and adventures each day. Half the fun is getting a little lost anyway.

Off-Road Trips

“You are able to see a lot of cool sights from the Alaskan road system, but to truly experience the state, you’ll want to take some detours. It’s not an Alaskan adventure until you have flown in a bush plane, taken a ride on an ATV, and hopped in a boat to get to your destination.”

-Tip by @williedalton

Stunning Vistas

The vastness of Alaska is somewhat hard to grasp until you see it for yourself. The varying landscape will cause your eyes to go wide and trigger finger to run wild. From the glacier riddled coastline to stunning Denali views, Alaska’s landscape has it all.


There are few places that will stir up your sense of adventure like Alaska. There’s something in the air that makes you feel alive. That, coupled with the fact that far fewer people will tread your exact path in Alaska (versus a typical destination), make visiting Alaska truly unique. Just take a look at this video from Caleb and Ariana Babcock

Because We’re Going

Moment trip to Alaska? YEP. And you can come too, details here! If you have any questions, shoot us an e-mail!

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