The Jesse Driftwood Holiday Guide

Jesse Driftwood is one of our favorite filmmakers. He put together some amazing lessons, sold out two Japan trips with Moment Travel, and picked his fave gear.

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The Jesse Driftwood Holiday Guide

Gear hand-picked by one of our favorite filmmakers.

So by now you’ve probably seen that Jesse Driftwood put together an amazing class on how to shoot and edit videos for the internet. In case you haven’t, go watch it now.

We hit up Jesse to find out his favorite gear in the Moment store and this is what he said.

Look, it's Jesse Driftwood!

14mm Superfish

$89.99 ($30 off)

I got to shoot with this lens for the launch video and it’s instantly my favorite Moment Lens. I can shoot that ultra-wide, GoPro look I love with the amazing image quality of the main iPhone camera. The built in super wide is kind of garbage.

58mm Tele

$89.99 ($30 off)

In case you haven’t heard me say it, I love shooting tight to start my videos then revealing the whole scene with a wide shot. With a Tele lens on the new iPhone 11 Pro, you can shoot tight or put it over the native tele and shoot really tight.

iPhone Case

$23.99 ($16 off)

You’ve gotta have a Moment Case to use Moment lenses, duh.

Brevite Jumper Pearl

$99 ($20 off) 

I just bought one of these to be my new daily backpack. So far so good!

Manfrotto Mini Tripod

$31.20 ($7.80 off)

Mini tripods are essential tools for getting static shots. This one works great and doesn’t cost too much.

37mm Cine ND Phone Filter Set

$26.24 ($8.75 off) 

With Cine ND filters you can take complete control of your framerates on the native camera lenses while shooting video. Keep in mind I only sometimes follow this rule.

Dyota 20L Backpack


I wore the first iteration of this backpack for years and it served me very well. The new ones look even better!

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