The Instax Link Wide Printer Hands-On Review

A party favorite, this Instax printer boasts a high quality and immediate printing results of any photo you have.

The Instax Link Wide Printer Hands-On Review
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Bigger, better images. Instax is known for simple, clean, and effective camera products and this Link Wide Printer is no different. With the App being its main backbone, you're now able to print photos at the click of a button anytime, anywhere.

To Know:

Connect your Smartphone to the printer wirelessly via Bluetooth, and you're able to add text to your photos, resize, apply a filter, play with the contrast — the options are endless. Swipe up on your Smartphone photo and print. How easy is that?

What We Love:

The Quality Is There

Don't sacrifice quality for convenience; luckily, this printer does it all.


The do-it-all App allows you to apply creative printing modes.

QR Codes

Apple a QR code to your image, perfect for business or festival hand-outs.

Moment Fujifilm 16719550 Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer Ash White Thumbnail


Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer

Having a picture on paper instantly in your hand is something special. Get those memories off your phone with the Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer!

Buy for $149.99

The Tangible Approach to Instant Sharing...

Unlike an instant camera, this printer is different. You're able to upload ANY image you have from your phone or camera into the App and print with ease. You know what the picture will look like (unlike the uncertainty that comes from film) and edit the scene with Instax's creative printing mode options. The bad boy is the perfect party-goer, instantly printing tangible memories for your friends and family on Instax-wide film. It's like film, but it isn't. You get the best of both worlds.

As much as I love the varied Instax prints from their cameras, the original format is only 1.8 inches by 2.4 inches — which is relatively tiny and unpurposeful. This Instax Link Wide Smartphone Printer brings the company's biggest instant film to a standalone printer, ensuring a quality physical photo in the palm of your hand.

Instax is known for its incredible line of instant cameras, completely changing the social experience of human interaction — i.e., parties, travel, etc. Every great event I've ever been to showcases one of Intax's instant cameras on a nearby table. However, the effort it takes to snap a picture requires more attention than a simple selfie taken on a phone. Therefore, having a printer, such as Link Wide, makes it easy to print any chosen. Print multiple of the same image, too, to share amongst the group. It's fun, easy, and so reliable.

The camera doesn't just stop at printing. Apply a QR code to your photo to link to a URL, hear sounds you recorded and view secret messages and locations just by scanning the QR code with your Smartphone. Additionally, you're able to edit the images to match the style of print preferred. Be creative with the Sketch, Edit & Print feature to import text and sketches as you customize your photos. With the Collage Print feature, add multiple images together to create fun collages. Also, choose from over 1,600 "stickers" in the App to apply to your photo.

The Details:

Printing has never been easier — select and edits your photo from your Smartphone, then print. Customize your prints, whether it's with the conventional photo quality of "INSTAX-Natural Mode" or the new "Instax-Rich Mode," which features extra-vibrant color. Add richness to the moments that matter most with a QR code. By doing this, you're able to link to a website, add audio to your images to enhance memory, creative invitation templates, or share heartfelt messages.

Moment Lomography F560 Fuji Instax Wide Film Double Pack 20 pics thumbnail


Instax Wide Instant Film - Double Pack

Looking for wide and retro? Instax Wide 800 ISO instant film is something special. Crystal clear shots, fantastic glossy finish, and a format unlike any other.

Buy for $19.99

What It Has:

  • QR Print Mode allows adding URLs, sounds, and messages

  • Over 30 editable templates

  • Multi-Print feature to print numerous copies

  • Various creative printing modes

  • Includes Instax Link Wide printer stand, hand strap, and USB cable

What It Does:

  • Light and durable, for compact travel

  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth to your Smartphone

  • For use with Instax Wide instant film only (sold separately)

  • Prints 3" x 5" photos

  • Requires downloading of free Instax Link Wide Smartphone App


  • Number of Prints - 10 per pack

  • Image Size - 86mm x 108mm Picture Size 62mm x 99mm

  • Supported Image Size - 800 × 1260 dots

  • Printing resolution - 12.5 dots/mm (318 dpi, 80 μm dot pitch)

  • Printing levels - 256 levels per color (RGB)

  • Interface - Standard compliance: Bluetooth Ver. 4.2 (BLE)

  • Supported image format - JPEG, PNG, HEIF, DNG

  • Printing time - Image recording - photo output (fed out): Approximately 12 sec

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