The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Camera Review

Testing the phone with a hands-on approach in the Oregon Coast.

As an Apple fan, I’m still relatively impressed by its boastful specs, especially the video portions. Although Samsung’s classically saturated vibes aren’t my personal favorite, the camera is incredibly reasonable for its fairly high price point.

Rose gold color, yummy!

Running around with Galaxy’s latest camera monster has been a blast. Samsung’s most advanced camera phone for its extensive power user starts at $1,300 for the 12GB model, stuffed with irresistible features and an interesting 6.9 inch screen design. Although there are some bumps, no phone is perfect, so we’re pretty pumped with how this premium device plays out in the palm of our hands.

My biggest approach when reviewing a phone camera is to come at it as naturally as possible. During these strange times, I can’t go to the nearest concert to test its Night mode, nor can I have fun in the Moment Camera Pro app with motion blur scenes in crowded intersections. Alternatively, I took to my favorite isolation apparatus: the coast. Evergreen trees, gorgeous rivers, and stunning vistas to record the phone’s latest Pro features.

So, let’s deep dive.

Photo on ultra-wide camera.

Photo on standard camera.

Photo on telephoto camera.

Saturated blues, which aren't my favorite.

Sharp detail at different vantages.

Colors are a lot more natural on the telephoto.

Zooms in nicely.

Composition rocks on the standard.

Laser-sharp focus tactics.

To Know:

Samsung has never been my personal favorite, if we’re being perfectly transparent. I’m a solid iPhone / Apple user and always have been. However, I am impressed with its camera specs. For $1,300 it does its prices justice, especially the video portions. 8k video recording, say what? The saturated picture is a bit vibrant for my taste, but that’s based upon personal preference. Overall — incredible sharpness and laser-fast auto focus.

What We Love:

Big Screen, Big Dreams

Its extra large screen allows me to capture my image with crisp oversight.

Large Resolution

Its screaming megapixel count allows me to capture sharp details, even when I artificially zoom in on post.

8K Mode, Say What?

Samsung is finally dishing big-time video specs and I’m digging it.

The Details:

Brand: Samsung

Price: $1,300

Product Type: Mobile Smartphone Camera

Best For: Android diggers, Samsung lifers, and anyone looking to capture a decent memory.

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A delightful camera with impressive specs, and an even bigger promise to video than previous generations.

Samsung’s latest and greatest is no doubt supersized. From the 6.9-inch screen to the ginormous camera repertoire on the back, it’s no wonder McDonalds is jealous. Okay, sorry, that was a terrible joke. Galaxy phones are notorious for large phones, and this one is no different. Obviously not a huge testament to its camera, other than its large screen for backyard filmmaking.

It’s truly perfect for casual photography, I wouldn’t say that’s made for much more, however. Images are vividly colors and the 5x optical zoom keeps its picture quality high and mighty, which is rather surprising. Ultra-wide angle photos are a fantastic tool to capture the entire scene in one take, enough to have a photo arsenal of wide-dramatic effects. And while, yes, the Note20 Ultra does seem to provide a more oversaturated tone to the pictures, the 108-megapixel resolution does heed genuinely great results. Overall, I’m very happy with this camera at first glance.

It’s fairly fascinating to see Samsung backtrack on its optical zoom, but the company seems to be positively responding to customer feedback that the S20 Ultra was far too expensive for a crappy 100x zoom. So, instead of its usual 50x, it's settled at a mere 30x. A quick autofocus, additionally, gives this camera a great reputation. You can quickly snap photos of squirmy dogs, hilarious facial expressions, and aspiring fast motion without skipping the beat. Overall, this amazing triple camera setup seems fairly standard — there's a standard view, a super-wide angle view and a telephoto lens to zoom in on distant objects.

The Pro Video mode is stellar. It offers manual tools and various options for capturing great footage, making any amaetur filmmaker elated. Samsung has been fairly weak in the filmmaking department, but we might be seeing great advancements form this model forward. The Note20 and Note20 Ultra both offer 8k footage (woah!), as well. Just be aware that video files shot in this outstanding resolution will take up grand space on your phone, so keep those files separate on a harddrive if you must.

  • Main Camera - 108-megapixel (F1.8, OIS, 0.8μm, 79-degree FOV, 1/1.33 inch image sensor)
  • Ultrawide Camera - 12-megapixel (F2.2, 1.4μm, 120-degree FOV)
  • Telephoto - 12-megapixel (F3.0, 1.0μm, 20-degree FOV)
  • Front-Facing Camera - 10-megapixel (F2.2, 1.22μm, 80-degree FOV)
  • Zoom - 5x optical
  • Super Zoom - 50x
  • Laser Auto-Focus - Yes
  • Video Capture - 8K

Kites at standard view.

Kites at 50x.

Gorgeous dynamic range.

Exquisite detail on the leaves of trees.

Again, don't like that saturated blue!

What It Has:

  • Extra large camera notch
  • 3 cameras for varied options
  • Dynamic 6.9-inch 120Hz display
  • Powerful Snapdragon 865 plus chip
  • 108MP camera with laser auto focus
  • Substantial battery life

What It Does:

  • Captures tele images from long distances
  • Captures ultra-wide images and whole scenes
  • Records 8k video
  • Tack-sharp auto focus
  • Captures great selfies with superb quality
  • Large screen for video recording


  • Storage: 12MPG
  • Battery: 4,300mAh
  • Standard Rear: 12MP f/1.8
  • Telephoto: 64MP
  • Ultra-Wide: 12MP
  • LTE: 5G-enabled

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