The Essential Guide to Photo Editing Apps

These 5 apps are sure to help you step up your mobile photo editing game: VSCO, Priime, Snapseed, Touch Retouch, and SquareSize.

Person using a photo editing app on their iPhone.
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Whether you shoot strictly on mobile or not, these apps are sure to help you step up your editing game. Each app boasts some unique capabilities and awesome designs that’ll help you achieve your vision. Make sure to download these apps if you haven’t already.


One of the founding editing apps in mobile photography, VSCO has a large array of presets that will fulfill all different types of creatives. The ability to fade out the intensity of each filter and dive deeper into detailed adjustments allows you to really fine-tune your images. More than anything else, VSCO does an impeccable job at having a plethora of options. And the app has its own platform for sharing your work with other VSCO users, which is pretty cool.

Download VSCO


Having a hard time deciding on what preset you should use on your image? Aside from being packed with some of your favorite artists’ presets, Priime also has a feature that analyzes your images and offers a Suggested filters based on which ones it thinks will better suit the composition and tone. To top it off, Priime is definitely one of the most user-friendly apps; the user interface was designed to be immediately understandable (and beautiful!).

Download Priime


Google does a pretty phenomenal job at so many hardware and software products, which is why it is no surprise that Snapseed, powered by Google, is on our Top 5. This app allows its users to do some incredible editing adjustments to your image. A couple of our favorite features are the Selective Adjust tool, which allows you to edit one specific area of the image, and the Adjustment Brush, which allows you to airbrush exposure, temperature, and even dodge & burn edits.

Download Snapseed

Touch Retouch

Have you ever taken a photo and then suddenly realized there was a pole, person, or another object obstructing your almost perfectly composed image? Well, Touch Retouch is here to save you the headache of spending hours in Photoshop! This incredibly intuitive app allows you to select certain areas you wish to remove with just a few gestures. Voila!

Download Touch Retouch


Instagram launched full scale images earlier this year, but there’s been a high trend in horizontal/vertical/horizontal layouts in people’s feeds recently. This new trend gives a clean white aesthetic to your feed when people first land on your page. This app not only helps you achieve this new style but also offers other unique features, such as using the same photo in the border, colors, and patterns.

Download SquareSize

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