The DJI Ronin-SC Review

The DJI Ronin-SC is the smaller, more lightweight, and affordable version of their Ronin S.

This is perhaps one of the best, cleanest, and sturdiest gimbals I’ve ever used. If you know me, and you know my work at Moment, I’m constantly working with gimbals on the market to see which one is truly superior and checks all the boxes. Stoked to have tested this bad boy out (and am slightly disappointed I have to give it back).

Feels right in the hand and is lightweight for a one-hand grip.

To Know:

Opening possibilities for filmmakers and content creators in almost any situation, Ronin-SC was built to go anywhere. Magnesium and aluminum construction, along with high-strength composite materials provide robust performance at just 1.1 kg. With a modular, quick setup design, Ronin-SC can pack neatly in limited spaces and be carried with ease. Even in action-packed scenes, Ronin-SC gives a perfectly stable shot. Sport mode improves the sensitivity of each axis while continuing to maintain stabilization, making Ronin-SC more effective in fast follows, sudden motions, and complete changes in direction.

What We Love:


The Ronin-SC is lightweight enough to pack away for long trips with your mirrorless camera used for content creation.

Unlimited Pan Axis

An innovative framework elevates camera payload above the roll axis, keeping the camera's built-in display free of obstruction.

Detailed Perfection

The buttons are easy to reach for every essential control. A flared battery grip makes extended holding easier and slip-resistant, letting you capture moments throughout the day.

The Details:

Brand: DJI

Price: $439.99

Product Type: Gimbal

Best For: Content creators with mirrorless cameras as their main rig.

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The DJI Ronin-SC, the smaller, more lightweight, and affordable version of their Ronin S.

While DJI might be better known for their drones, they also have an incredible line of camera accessories. In addition to their world-class mobile gimbal, the Osmo Mobile 3, their latest camera stabilizer is the Ronin-SC. Similar in build to its predecessor, the Ronon S, though, this one is built specifically for smaller mirrorless cameras and aimed at content creators. If you identify with one or two of those qualifications, then this is the gimbal for you. This is the perfect “bigger-camera” gimbal in our shop that is not just reserved for professional video makers and their massive rigs. As cameras keep getting lighter and more advanced, this $440 Ronin-SC is a gimbal worth extreme satisfaction for any mirrorless camera owner.

Its ease of use makes the setting up process simple and seamless. While it takes more time to get ready than say, the mobile setups, it’s still a relatively relaxed configuration.

With an extremely sturdy build quality, the SC comes in at just 2.7 pounds — without the camera attached. This makes it lightweight and perfect for traveling creatives looking to haul minimal gear for their setups. The handle feels nice and is comfortable to hold, the button layout makes sense, and the focus motor feels smooth. Although it’s designed to be used with one hand, I tend to leave the tripod legs out so I can hold them for extra support.

I should reiterate that this camera was made for smaller mirrorless cameras, meaning larger rigs will not be properly supported (or balanced for that matter). It holds up to 4.5lb of weight in total. I used the Sony A7iii with the Tamron 28-75 2.8; around 1.21 lbs for the Lens + 1.43 for my camera body. All in all, it comes to around 2.64lb which is well under the limit. (Sorry to our European friends for the “pound” verbiage). With this being said, using the Ronin-SC with larger lenses can be a challenge. According to the Verge, if you add a battery grip to it, it doesn’t work at all, despite weighing in at 3.5 pounds, which is way under the 4.5-pound maximum payload. Battery grips and lenses throw off the center of gravity, so be sure to do your compatibility research and ask their customer support team for further assistance.

Perfect for any mirrorless rig.

One of my favorite gimbals I've used to date.

In Detail:

ActiveTrack technology arrives for the first time in the Ronin series. A smartphone mounted above the camera, the Ronin app, and Ronin-SC work together seamlessly to achieve smooth, precise gimbal movement at all times, allowing you to focus more on creating the shot that matches your vision. Ronin-SC introduces Force Mobile, an app-based version of the Force Pro camera movement control system. By tilting and rotating your smartphone, users can control the gimbal with ultra-low latency, delivering a fluid, expressive shot with an instinctive feel. The Ronin app has also been improved for an even better user experience making Ronin-SC professional and easy to use. The layout has been refined to offer quicker access to preset scenarios, and we’ve also included a camera balancing guide, along with tutorials to help users master their handheld gimbal. The app also minimizes hardware tuning, setting filmmakers free to produce great footage.

What It Has:

  • Phone Holder
  • Focus Motor
  • Focus Meter
  • BG18 Grip
  • Command Unit
  • Dual Hadnles
  • Cheese Plate (not the charcuterie kind)
  • Ronin-S/SC L-Bracket Plate with Counterweight

What It Does:

  • Support smaller mirrorless cameras
  • Image and video stabilization
  • Active Track 3.0
  • Panorama in app
  • Timelapse in app
  • Motion Control in app
  • Unlimited Pan Axis
  • Has a Sport Mode


  • Accessory Connections: 1/4” Mounting Hole, 3/8” Mounting Hole, Camera Control Port, Accessory Port, USB-C Port, RSA Port
  • Intelligent Battery: Model: RB2-2450mAh-7.2V, Type: 18650 LiPo, Capacity: 2450 mAh, Power: 17.64 Wh
  • Connections: Bluetooth 5.0; USB-C
  • Mobile Assistant Software: iOS 9 or above; Android 5.0 or above
  • Tested Payload: ≤ 2.0 kg
  • Angular Vibration Range: ±0.02°
  • Maximum Controlled Rotation Speed: Pan axis control: 180°/s, Tilt axis control: 180°/s, Roll axis control: 180°/s

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