The Best Phone Tripods In 2022

We’re going to dive deep on the best phone tripods (and mounting systems) that work with both iPhone and Android universes.

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Mobile photography doesn’t have to be just you and your hand, sista’. You can utilize tools for extra support, especially when looking for something to improve the quality of your images or footage. Not only will a still camera phone provide even audio, but it will additionally enhance the stability of shots and angles you normally couldn’t do without a tripod.

We’re going to dive deep on the best phone tripods (and mounting systems) that work with both iPhone and Android universes. We’ll begin by naming a few of our favorite mounts that you can use with standard tripods, sliders, and boom arms — then, we’ll suggest our favorite stand-alone tripods that were built for the mobile creative.

Let’s do it…

GripTight Pro 2 Phone Mount

We use this smartphone clamp from Joby all the time to connect our phone to a variety of tripods and sliders. It’s our favorite mobile phone mount because it includes a cold shoe mount for securing lights or mics to our setup, but you can also remove the cold shoe to mount any other ¼”-20 based accessory.


  • Removable cold shoe mount
  • Smartphone mount for phones 56 to 91mm wide


SideKick 360 All in One Smartphone Adapter

This smartphone adapter lets you be more creative than ever. Mount your mobile device, adjust the angle and place on a surface or move mount on a tripod or monopod and capture your world limited only by your imagination. This adapter provides mobile photographers and filmmakers with solid camera support and precision control.

Works with the BackPacker Tripod S, BackPacker Tripod Air, RoadTrip Classic AL, and RoadTrip Classic CF.

Works with all Moment Cases, Battery Cases, and Wallet Cases.


  • Tripod friendly - easy to mount to practically any tripod on the planet
  • Photo or video - what’s your passion? Still photos, video or both - this adapter quickly switches from vertical to horizontal.
  • Clamp it down - rest assured that the dual clamp system will hold your phone securely
  • Ideal for video chat - stands alone on any flat surface
  • Macro made easy - getting sharp, clear Macro images with your smartphone was never so simple
  • Be in your photos - great for group shots or the selfie obsessed
  • Universal mounting - three ¼”-20 threads and a single ⅜”-16 thread allow mounting to a wide variety of quick release plates, monopods, clamps, and handles
  • 360 degree ball joint - 360 degree rotation makes switching from vertical to horizontal quick and easy. Locks in any position.
  • Clamp range 2.99-3.58” (76-91mm)


Mini Tripod with Universal Smartphone Clip

We love this mini tripod from Manfrotto for all of our mobile shooting needs. It can go from handle mode for vlogging and filming yourself, immediately to tripod mode by popping the legs open, allowing you to film any time lapse or tripod shot. We set it on random stuff all the time. The cool thing about this mini tripod is if you set it on an unlevel surface, you can press the red button in to unlock/lock the built in ball head and adjust your angle. Basically a built in leveler. We love its size because it fits in most backpacks. Also, this guy is super multifunctional - you can screw the smartphone clamp off and use the tripod for any small mirrorless camera - really anything that has the ¼”-20 screw - even a small light!


  • Smartphone clamp with 1/4 thread attachment included
  • Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
  • Push button locking mechanism for easy set-up
  • Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry


Backpack Tripod

BackPacker Tripod S

The MeFOTO S Tripods are ready for travel on any photo adventure. The reverse folding design allows it to be super compact for fitting inside cases or attaching to camera bags. Ideal for smartphones, point & shoot, mirrorless, micro 4/3 and DSLR cameras.

To use with your smartphone it requires the Smartphone Adapter


  • Special anodized aluminum twist locks -these CNC machined aluminum twist locks have deep ridges for a solid grip. Each lock is anodized to give it a clean and protective finish.
  • Convert the tripod into a full size monopod by combining one of the legs with the center column.
  • Dual-action ballhead uses an Arca-Swiss style quick release plate and has separate controls for pan lock and ball lock.


GorillaPod 3K Tripod with Ball Head Kit

The Joby Gorillapod tripods are a favorite of ours because they’re so versatile, and the 3K size especially so. It is a solid size for both a DSLR camera and a phone when using a phone clamp like the GripTight Pro 2. The flexible tripod legs wrap around anything from a street sign to a tree branch so you’re never limited when you’re setting up a shot or looking for new angles. This kit includes the ball head attachment which is super important for flexibility in angle and setup.


  • Holds devices weighing up to 3 kg (6.6 lbs)
  • Includes Ballhead with 360 degree panning bed and cutout for full 90 degree tilt.
  • Built in level for perfect shots
  • DSLR tripod or Smartphone tripod if paired with phone mount


Mini GorillaPod Tripod with Grip Tight Phone Mount

The Gorillapod series from Joby is a tried and true staple for photographers. We love using this all in one setup from them that includes a smartphone clamp for quick on the go mobile shooting. The flexible phone tripod folds up so compact, it practically fits it your pocket. The bendy legs make this little workhorse super versatile, perfect for wrapping around tree branches or just setting up a tripod shot on uneven ground.


  • Universal smartphone clamp
  • Folds up compact - fits in pocket or in a Moment travel case
  • Joby Gorillapod Tripod plus Grip Tight ONE Phone Mount


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