The Best iPhone Camera App for Creators

The Moment Pro Camera App has always been centered around bringing your favorite big-camera controls to your iPhone camera.

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The Best iPhone Camera App in 2020 for Creators

How to make the most of the iPhone camera features on iOS 13.

iPhone launches almost always mean an update to the entire iPhone lineup’s operating system. This time, the iPhone 11 brought with it iOS 13, the latest version of Apple’s familiar software powering the iPhone. All models back to the iPhone 6S will receive the latest version of iOS, which brings with it some noteworthy features, especially for iPhone photographers. Whether you just bought a new iPhone 11 or are digging in to the list of new features for iOS 13 on your current device, the best camera app for iPhone just got even better.

The introduction of powerful Shortcuts means what was once the swipe-for-camera feature can now do something much more dramatic. We’re here to break down what it means and how to make the most of the Moment Pro Camera update for iOS 13.

Making the Most of iOS 13 and Moment Pro Camera App

The Pro Camera App has always been centered around bringing your favorite big-camera controls to your smartphone camera. With Shortcuts, you can go from pocket to cinematic camera settings in no time. For those candid moments and rapidly-changing scenes, Shortcuts can make all the difference between whether you capture the shot or not. And with configurable shortcut buttons, you can have icons ready-to-launch everything from cinematic video settings to your favorite still photo settings for sharp landscape shots.

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Useful Siri Shortcuts

The new Shortcuts features in iOS 13 are downright amazing. From teaching your phone to change its brightness settings and turn on lights in your house after you deactivate your alarm clock in the morning to complex app integration that facilitates things like math and ETA estimations straight into the body of a text message, Shortcuts really make our phones work for us. Shortcuts go several steps beyond simply adding quick-launch icons to a neatly-organized folder (though it definitely does that, too). You can configure apps to launch with predefined parameters, which means you’re a single gesture away from launching a camera app with your favorite manual settings already enabled. Much like the instant-on, manual settings of your old DSLR, this means you can confidently open Pro Camera and start shooting without tinkering with settings while the most epic shot of your life disappears before your eyes.

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Full Manual Camera Controls

The camera on the iPhone 11 is the smartest and most advanced yet, but there are still a number of ways that manual camera controls can help make the most of your new phone. The new ultra wide camera features a relatively slow f/2.4 aperture, which means it’s quick to get grainy in low light. Tapping to set focus and exposure in the native camera app uses a combination of ISO and shutter speed that leads to undesirable noise. With Moment Pro Camera, you can manually adjust ISO and shutter speed to keep that ISO low, slow down the shutter, and get brilliant photos in low light, even with the new ultra wide lens. Not to mention the big-camera look of motion-blurred images with slow shutter in low light.

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Shoot Manual Video, Make the Most of the iOS 13 Video Edit Features

With the manual controls in the Moment Pro Camera App, you can dial in cinematic video looks by changing frame rate, exposure, and resolution. The videos save directly to your camera roll, which means you can use the video editing tools built into iOS 13 to quickly get your footage dialed. We love the combination of pro-level video setting controls and intuitive quick edits to take your footage to the next level without a clunky workflow that takes the joy out of mobile videography.

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What’s New in Moment Pro Camera for iOS 13

Capture presets have been a feature on pro-level cameras for a number of years. With a button or notch on the shooting mode wheel, you can quickly recall your preferred camera settings for everything from shutter speed and ISO to white balance and shooting mode. With the latest Pro Camera update for iOS 13, we brought shooting mode presets straight to the main screen. There are a few popular presets baked right into the app. You can use our idea of the best settings for shooting a sizzle reel or create your own preset for your favorite Slow Shutter Mode settings.

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The Best Manual Camera App for iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 features the most powerful camera hardware and software of any iPhone yet. With more, more-powerful camera lenses than ever before, pro-level photography is possible across the entire iPhone 11 range. With manual camera controls, quick-launch shortcuts, and a lineup of camera setting presets, Moment Pro Camera is the best camera app for your iPhone 11 (or any iPhone).

Download Moment Pro Camera here.

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