The Best Bags for Creatives

Presenting the perfect bags for creatives. With options for every budget and every style, this is the holiday gift guide for creative camera bags.

Moment Bags Gear Review
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The Best Bags for Creatives

From carrying your smartphone to traveling the world, these are the best bags for creatives.

There are a lot of bags out there, but not all of them have the thoughtful touches creatives crave. These bags offer the perfect balance of style and function for every occasion. This holiday season, fanny packs are back, backpacks are built to last for years, and duffel bags are more versatile than ever. Here are our favorites.

The Bumbag Co. Java Mini Hip Pack


Moment bumbag mini hip pack 02

This is the perfect mini fanny pack for carrying daily essentials. It’s got enough room for what you need and it’s small enough to forget it’s there. But with these patterns, it may just be the best part of your wardrobe.

  • Best For: Vibey every day carry, smartphone photographers, chapstick addicts.
  • Trip Length: Daily
  • Type: Fanny


Fanny Sling

It’s a fanny pack. It’s a sling. This is the ultimate bag, thoughtfully designed to incorporate all of the features we love. Carry a mirrorless camera, Moment lenses, or your smartphone and other daily essentials. Wear it however you want.

  • Best For: Carrying a moderate amount of daily essentials + photo gear.
  • Trip Length: Daily carry
  • Type: Fanny pack + sling


Moment jumper ATK 1883

The Jumper backpack is quickly becoming a favorite around the Moment office. Its streetwise style and thoughtful features make it a perfect backpack for quick photo missions and daily laptop carrying alike.

  • Best For: All day, every day.
  • Trip Length: 1 day
  • Type: Backpack


F-Stop Dyota 20L Camera Backpack North Sea 03

A premium daily carry backpack from f-Stop. With room for your laptop, your essential camera gear, and thoughtful pockets for all the little things life requires, this is the ultimate camera backpack for gear junkies.

  • Best For: Anyone who appreciates welded seams, hidden pockets, and fancy backpacks.
  • Trip Length: 1-3 days.
  • Type: Backpack


Wandrd Hexad Access 45 Liter Camera Duffel Bag 04

A duffel bag with backpack straps—or is it a backpack with duffel handles?— the HEXAD combines camera bag modularity, duffel bag capacity, and backpack convenience to be the ultimate pack for traveling with clothes and cameras. With space and compartments for everything you need, this is the ultimate bag for organized travel.

  • Best For: The photographer who wants to travel the world with one bag.
  • Trip Length: A weekend or two weeks.
  • Type: Backpack/duffel/bluffel/duffpack


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