The Best 4th of July Events in US Cities

Looking for the best spots to enjoy fireworks this Fourth of July? We've got you covered! Check out these top locations near you for the best firework displays!

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The season of fireworks, “Amurica” chants, Budweiser, and sun burns is right around the corner. For photographers, it means a fun day full of portraits, food photos, and long exposures.

No worries if you don’t have plans yet! We found some killer events for you in 5 US cities. (Not in one of these cities? July 4th is a great time to travel and explore too.)

San Francisco, CA

Happen to be in the Bay Area for the Fourth? Rather than attending a run of the mill Independence Day festival, we recommend you snag a bottle of wine and find your way to Bernal Heights Park. Not only will you be surrounded by what is most likely a local crowd, but you’ll have an incredible view of the San Francisco skyline and fireworks shows. As always, Bay Area weather is subject to change, so be sure to pack a jacket and a cozy blanket.

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Seattle, WA

When the Fourth of July buzz strikes in Seattle, most people immediately flock to South Lake Union. But contrary to popular belief, Gasworks Park boasts some of best views of fireworks festivities. Complete with an amazing show, crazy architecture, and a local crowd, Gasworks Park is sure to provide a unique photographic experience.

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Los Angeles, CA

Sure to be a unique evening, the Hollywood Forever Cemetery is perfect for the photographer in search of quality hang-out time, a movie screening, and a grand finale of colorful fireworks. Famous for being the final resting place of Hollywood’s original stars, the cemetery has now become a hotspot for local summer events. Not sold? It’s also known for being haunted by a “woman in black.”

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New York, NY

Not into Fireworks? No worries. Dance the night away at Damrosch Park (Lincoln Center) with some upbeat jazz tunes. Headlining with David Ostwald’s Louis Armstrong Eternity Band, this Fourth of July night promises to be filled with unique shooting opportunities. Don’t fancy yourself a dancer? We got your back. The event offers dance lessons for beginners or anyone trying to sharpen their skills.

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Chicago, IL

If you live in Chicago, you already know the best fireworks show in town is at Navy Pier. But along with an incredible show comes a massive crowd and the constant hum of parents screaming at children. To avoid the horde, we recommend you head to Alder Planetarium for your evening festivities. With a great view of fireworks and a mellow vibe, you’ll be able to enjoy your evening while also capturing some incredible shots.

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All in all, it never hurts to grab your camera and get out of your comfort zone.

Niles Jeran

Niles is a Seattle-based filmmaker with a passion for people, places, and overall human experience. In his free time, he likes to drink coffee and romp around the woods with his family and friends.

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