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Grab a yummy warm cup of hot chocolate and let’s dive deep into 5 must-do tips for creating out-of-the-park winter photos.

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Make Your Snow Pictures POP

5 Must-Do Tips

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OnePlus6 with our juicy Wide Lens.
OnePlus6 with our juicy Wide Lens.
OnePlus6 with our juicy Wide Lens.

Capturing stunning photos in the snow is an absolute must for the Holiday season; how else will you prove you chopped down your own Christmas tree in an Instagram-savvy way? Grab a yummy warm cup of hot chocolate and let’s dive deep into 6 must-do tips for creating out-of-the-park winter photos. This time, we’re using the OnePlus 6 with a variety of our Moment Lenses.

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Caleb swiping his sweet boy, Shawn!
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A Pop of Color

A vibrantly colored red hat. A yellow rain jacket. Emerald green eyes against the pale, snowy fluff. Whatever you have in your closet, put it on and snap wild. Better yet, make it a trifecta of bright and exuberant luminescence! Or a rainbow!

...or, you can just wear a bright red hat like Julia. Whatever you have in your mind, be sure to try out the Moment Tele 58mm lens for crispy portraitures with a tack-sharp depth of field.


OnePlus 6 Camera Review
Julia looking stellar in the white snow.
OnePlus 6 Camera Review
A little touch of red.
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Dogs Make the BEST Subject

Snow, by nature (literally), inspires a blank canvas. Unless you’re a total heartless person, it’s safe to say everyone loves dogs. Take a picture of their fun tippy-taps against the fluffy floof or lower your shutter speed to seize their sweet jump across a frozen riverbed.

Gah, did you see that cute picture above? Their little noses, like Shawn’s, are the cutest mini boops in the world. You, too, can capture unique frames with our Superfish Lens — widening the composition (with zero distortion) to enrich the subject matter.


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OnePlus 6 Camera Review
Shawn being as cute as ever.
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Bring on the Back Roads

Channel your inner mountain mama for John Denver’s country road; sing aloud to the birds and the bees and wander ‘till your heart’s content. Capturing stills of the juxtaposed man-made road in the middle of the wild will serve as an interesting perspective to your photography — especially if the road is covered in a fluffy white fury.

Plus, far-off places in the middle of nowhere always make for an interesting subject matter. See tip above.

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NEAT-ure, Am I Right?

Winter wouldn’t be its sparkly, evanescent self without a few extra pine trees to onset your photographic composition. Place the tree to either the far left, the far right, or the middle of the frame to breath life into your winter wonderland’s rule-of-thirds. Having something that grand of scale to flood your image’s negative space will bring your viewers’ attention to all the right places.

Capture stunning wide-angle shots of the entire forest while you’re at it with Moment’s favorite go-to Wide 18mm Lens.


Raw 20181205 135323 429
Raw 20181205 135750 893
Raw 20181205 121116 138
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Tip 5

Stunning Details

Without a doubt, the greatest way to achieve professional grade macro images in the snow is with our very own Moment Macro Lens.

The Moment Macro Lens captures life-sized images of the smallest objects. Different from traditional macro photography, this lens works less than an inch away from the subject to capture rich textures, materials, and living things that our phones were never before capable of seeing. With low distortion and the sharpest glass imaginable, the Moment Macro Lens is perfect for capturing the tiny details that your phone’s naked camera will never be able to focus on.


OnePlus 6 Camera Review
Some gorgeous macro action.

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Happy Shooting!

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