Switchpod Gear Review: The Best Minimal, Versatile, and Handheld Tripod

You’re used to the weird looks and eye rolls, but don't you wish your tripod wasn’t so clunky? Well, we have something in store for you. Meet the Swtichpod.

Switchpod - A man holding the switchpod tripod while vlogging.

Switchpod Gear Review

The Minimal, Versatile, and Handheld Tripod

Filming yourself is not easy. You’re often on the go with tons of people looking at you like you’re crazy while you hold a camera in your face. You’re used to the weird looks and eye rolls, but don't you wish your handheld tripod wasn’t so clunky?

Well, there’s a little something in store for you. Meet the Switchpod.

Having tested this bad boy myself, I can say that there might not be any other tripod better than this. It’s minimally structured so you save face with tustles and rustles, the easy compact-able design makes it easy for packing in a bag, and it’s perfect for the palm of your hand. I’m easily impressionable by great gear, but this one in particular makes my heart stop by a few notches.

Caleb doing what he does best: filming and drinking coffee.

Perfect for on-the-go filming.

What Is This Thing?

If you have ever wrestled a gorillapod before, you know that while that piece is amazing for attaching your camera to oddly shaped and precarious spots (trees, streetlights, etc), it takes a good bit of time to get it from vlogging setup, to tripod setup. The new tripod from Switchpod solves that problem, allowing you to switch from tripod to vlog grip in a matter of seconds. This makes it the go-to piece for vloggers, but also for people capturing footage while running around shooting when you still need a tripod every once in a while. On top of that, they made this tripod super light, super packable, and super durable. The best 1, 2, 3.

Features and Compatibility

  • 11.1 oz / 315 grams
  • Aluminum (Alloy)
  • Length in Collapsed Handle Mode: 11" long
  • Size of Handle: 1.5" deep by 0.75" wide
  • Size in Tripod Mode: 9.75" tall by 9.75" wide
  • Two ¼-20 threads for accessories
  • Circle pad to protect base of camera
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How It Works:

There’s several ways in which to go about using this puppy. From strong mounting plates to ease-of-access, here are a number of noticeable features that were mentioned on their Kickstarter Page.

SwitchPod works with any camera. No more fussing with tripod mounting plates, our embedded 1/4-20" standard tripod screw and tightening knob will help you attach any camera in seconds.

Opens and closes quickly. Move easily from shot to shot and waste no time setting up. Magnets help to keep the legs collapsed together while in vlogging mode, but are gentle enough that, with the flick of your wrist, you can easily switch to tripod mode.

Easy to hold. Finger grooves allow you to grip the SwitchPod at your comfort level anywhere along the neck. If your camera is heavy, choke up. If it’s light, slide down.

Non-slip feet. Discreet, recessed feet allow you to set your camera down quietly on a surface without it sliding away.

Quickly attach or remove your camera. The tightening knob allows you to switch cameras swiftly while ensuring that any camera is safely attached.

Take it anywhere. The thin and lightweight design allows you to easily slip it into any camera bag, pocket, or fanny pack (if you’re THAT cool).

Strong enough to hold heavy rigs and won’t sag. Despite its lightweight design, the SwitchPod is incredibly strong and made of an aluminum alloy (not plastic). It will support a heavy camera, lens, microphone, and more without breaking or slowly collapsing.

Add your own quick release plates or ball heads. Have a bunch of tripods with the same quick release adapters? Modify the SwitchPod by adding your own quick release plate. Need a ball head? You can add that too.

Accessorize. Use the two ¼-20" threads on the legs to add a mic, a monitor, an LED light, or your Hello Kitty keychain.

Switchpod - talking to the camera just got easier.

Getting it ready for a stand-still shot.

Set it anywhere, gets the job done.

Made for Photographers and Filmmakers

Mobile photography doesn’t have to be just you and your hand, sista’. You can utilize tools for extra support, especially when looking for something to improve the quality of your images or footage. Not only will a still camera phone provide even audio, but it will additionally enhance the stability of shots and angles you normally couldn’t do without a tripod. What I love most about the Switchpod is its intentional build and high quality stance. The doers and makers of this product ensured it would work well for not only photographers, but filmmakers. Many vloggers I see out and about filming themselves look a bit tired and weary; they have to stretch their arm out holding a fumbly stick rod that barely balances in the palm of their hand. Or perhaps they place the tripod on uneven territory and the camera is noticeably unbalanced. The Switchpod’s feet are made for uneven gravel, rocks, and terrain — making it nearly impossible to accidentally grab a shot that’s crooked.

A lot of heart went into the production of the tripod’s design. Heartfelt intention behind any product or brand is what I most appreciate, giving an item that extra “oomph”. The makers initially tried different lightweight materials, hand grip sizes, and mechanisms for keeping the legs in place, knobs for attaching your camera, and more — but soon realized that only the best will have to do. Every detail and feature has evolved over the last year into the product they’ve originally dreamed of creating.

Good things take time. Remember that!

Made for ANY camera.

Easy to hold in one hand while talking to the camera.

Easy to adjust.

Made for both photographers and filmmakers.

Happy Shooting, Folks!

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