Summertime Vibes: Friends, Camera and S’mores

Join Danny Owens (@danny.owens) and friends as they get lost behind their cameras, enjoying a summertime adventure.

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The smell of smoke and moss is still fresh in my mind. That feeling of stepping out onto the cool sand to feel the coastal mist on my face, after falling asleep to the sound of fire’s crackling and waves crashing on the beach. These are the summer memories I live for.

When the days grow longer and the sun stays in the sky for hours more, my heart races to see what adventures we will uncover. Driving on windy roads through endless forests, listening to an amalgamation of music and sounds. Beating away on the dashboard like it’s a drum set, or just resting your head out the window to feel the summer sun on your face and the wind through your hair.

We push our bodies to the limits and let sweat drip off our brows just to see that sunset from a vantage not shared by others. We jump in freezing oceans and frigid lakes, worries, and fears cast aside. We thirst for laughter and a little bit of connection. These seemingly small moments bring us together in a larger way.

These summer adventures are about making memories that will last. And the photos we capture provide us with a small reminder of the stories that now connect us.

Photos by @danny.owens

Photos by @filmandpixel

Photos by @herhollowway

Photos by @kylemeck

Photos by @rvnvn

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