Stockholm: Coolest Metro Stations In The World

Stockholm's underground stations are a travelers must see and with good reason! They covered with artwork that makes them the most vibrant in the world.

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Stockholm might be the most famous city when it comes to metro/underground design.

Each Stockholm station is different. They are all painted/decorated with amazing artwork, and each has a unique aesthetic and atmosphere. If you come to photograph, have a wide-angle or fisheye lens. The stations are big, so you’ll need a lens that will fit it all in the frame.

Here are the Top 10 must-visit metro stations:


This station is one of my favorites because it is so different. A light blue is all over the station, and, in the middle, where you cross to the other side, there’s a huge rainbow across the roof. The art may be simple, but it is very vibrant and beautiful.

Solna Centrum

This is the most popular station for photographers to visit when they visit the Stockholm underground. Why? Well, there’s a very cool contrast between the escalators and the roof. The roof is red like fire and has 3 escalators centered in the middle which makes this station pop out with color and contrast.


This one is pretty hidden from all the others, and it doesn’t have the same elaborate design. It has a simple red wall with 6 green doors at the end of the station. The color is most intriguing about this one: how the green doors with the “exit man” pops out from the red shiny wall.

Tekniska Högskolan

The diamond station. This station has also been one of my favorites for a long time. It has a huge glass cube that is shaped like an Octagon. This is a perfect place to shoot geometric photos, by framing up the walls on each side, placing the structure in the middle, and either a person underneath or a train passing by.


This station is mind-blowing. It is mostly a pretty plain and simple station, but they have decorated it with differently shaped cubes all over the platform, walls, and roof. What’s so beautiful and special about these cubes is that they are patterned with clouds: blue sky and white wisps on every cube.


This station is pretty simple and clean: white platform and walls, blue benches, and a red pipe in the middle of the roof. It may look pretty boring, but when the old, light blue train passes by, it gives the station another feel. Sometimes if you’re lucky, both trains can pass by at the same time which makes for a perfectly symmetrical image.


Here comes one of the darker stations. This is one of the stations with decoration focused on the platform. It is a dark platform with white stripes and red pillars in the middle. The darker stations have a more dramatic look to them and can be a bit trickier to edit but nonetheless are still fun.


This is probably my favorite of all stations. The platform is an emerald green, with reddish-orange lines streaked across, creating a diamond cut pattern. The tones here are perfect for that cinematic look. The leading lines here really draw you in and make for the perfect shot.


This one is very similar to Solna Centrum station. One might mistake it for the same place, but if you look closer, the colors are actually a bit different. This location has more of an orange hue to it. This spot is also very popular because of its cave-like appearance.

Stockholm Södra

This one was one of the first stations I visited and loved. It has very high pillars in a straight line, and somehow I get a Harry Potter feeling from it. The floor is colorful, but not pungent like the others. It almost resembles puzzle pieces. The long corridor-like platform has great lighting and makes for wonderful architectural symmetry.

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