Instagram Tips: Spice Up Your Stories With Boomerangs

With Instagram Stories to document your day to day life, step up your stories game with these creative tips using Boomerangs.

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Whether you call it the Snapchat killer, a copycat, or your new favorite social media platform, Instagram Stories are an integral part of the app we use on a daily basis.

At Moment, we think it’s a pretty awesome way for brands and individuals to share engaging content. Especially if you use it creatively.

But shooting interesting Stories can be a challenge. One of the easiest ways to step up your IG Story game is by using Boomerangs. (You’ve seen them—the short moving clips that bounce back and forth.) But before you go crazy, Boomeranging everything in your life, here are 4 great ways to use the feature:

Moving Portraits

Stories are a great way to show moments of your day and the people you’re spending it with. Instead of taking a selfie with your bestie, try taking a portrait with motion to highlight your location or a fun aspect of your friend’s personality. Frame your subject, and have them make a simple motion. Or, if your subject is set in front of something that’s moving, have them remain mostly still.


Who doesn’t love getting mail? Spice up your mail time by showing a couple phases of your unboxing with boomerangs. You may need to find a friend to hold your phone for you if your one-handed skills are lacking. Pro tip: If you’re shooting one-handed, open the box first, and then recreate the motion in a Boomerang so you don’t have to fumble with the pesky tape or box.

Getting Artsy

No matter where you live, there are interesting things you can show your audience. The next time you want to photograph something simple, take a Boomerang instead, as a way to spice things up. Boomerangs can show off movement in a way that photos often can’t. Try to use the movement of light, shadows, or wind to make something simple into something special.


Showing off your day in an Instagram Story doesn’t have to be only shots of your activities and your food. Consider capturing the in-between moments as well. These Boomerangs provide nice transitions between scenes. For example, when you’re in transit, find time to point the camera down toward your feet. Or capture a door opening or closing.

Brian Cason

Brian is a New York City based freelance photographer and full time Content Manager at Moment. He's passionate about cheap pizza and expensive coffee, but will never turn down a cup of joe.

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