Skip Black Friday: Let’s Gather Instead

Joins us in skipping Black Friday to gather with the people we care about while getting lost behind our cameras. Join us on IG for #LessMallsMoreMoments.

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We started Moment because we believe that life is better with shared experiences. It’s not the technical quality of the photo that makes it meaningful, but the acknowledgment that capturing and sharing moments is important.

Black Friday is one of those national events in the US that is built around consuming more for less. It’s notorious for long lines and bargain deals. Worse of all, it’s a wasted opportunity to spend time with the people who matter in your life.

Instead of participating, we are shutting down for the weekend and continuing our tradition to choose family over work.

We invite you to join us this weekend on Instagram to share photos and stories about gathering with the people you care about. Our contest, #LessMallsMoreMoments, is not about stuff, it’s about people, and our communities. In keeping with this sentiment, we’re offering one grand prize winner a $1,000 donation to the charity of their choice.

Join us.

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