Maximizing Your Moment Case's Shutter Button

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Whether you’re a longtime Moment user or you’re brand new to our gear, getting the most out of your case and lenses is the key to taking better photos.

That’s why we’ve consulted some of our favorite mobile photographers and compiled a simple but insightful guide for using the Moment case with the shutter button. With these pro tips, getting amazing mobile photos and video has never been easier or more rewarding!

Shooting Moving Subjects

Having a physical shutter button on the Moment case makes action-shooting way easier. Instead of worrying about touching your phone screen in an exact spot, I can focus on the scene and make sure I nail the shot. When shooting, I half-press the shutter button to lock focus as the subject comes towards me. When they are in the desired spot, or in the middle of a trick, I fire off a shot by fully pressing the button. I love having the physical button on the top of the phone so I can keep my hands in a comfortable position when shooting low angles. Also, being able to attach the wrist strap to the case is more convenient for shooting while I’m on my motorcycle or skateboard. Without it, I’m worried about dropping my phone. Overall, the Moment case let me be more flexible when shooting, which allows me to get better action shots.

- @camercaleb

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Shooting for Perfect Composition

Once upon a time, I used my phone for quick photos of faces or food, but now I use it for much more. I care about the creative composition of my phone images, just like I do with my DSLR, and I don’t always want my subject in the center of the frame. I love having the half-press function in the case shutter button so I can focus on my subject and recompose the frame so the subject is on the side of the screen, without having to touch the screen and tap to refocus. If I do need to make minor adjustments to exposure or white balance, I can tap and use the slider adjustments in the Moment App while I keep the focus locked in with the half press of the shutter button.


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Shooting One Handed

The best thing about using my case is having the ability to use it exactly how I would use my big camera. The familiarity of the devices makes me never miss a shot and is even easier for one to get accustomed to when moving from one camera to the other. Having the case connected, I can quickly open the Moment app, focus by half pressing the shutter, and shoot right away. I don’t have to think so much about all the settings, which makes it really easy and fast to capture what I want.

Bonus tip: You can also use the Moment Case with the iPhone’s native camera app now! Simply swipe into the camera app from the lock screen and you can start shooting right away.


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Having an external shutter button on your phone is the perfect way to transform it into more of a camera. Aside from having this unique feature, don't forget about all the other accessories such as straps , lenses , and travel cases , for your mobile photography kit.

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