Basic Tips For Shooting Architecture With A Wide Lens

Learn tips for capturing better architecture with the Moment Wide. Capture more within each frame, learn to show scale, and more!

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The Wide Lens makes architecture photography a lot of fun. Rather than only showing a single subject, you are able to shoot wide enough to show the scale of your main subject next to its surroundings.


When taking photos of architecture it’s important to be aware of lines in the image in order to avoid any distortion and line tilt in the photo. Look out for patterns and repetition, visually these two elements play a huge role in creating interesting perspective and giving scale to your photograph.

Gareth Pon

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One advantage of being able to shoot wide in an architectural space is that you can fit more of the scene into the frame. The wide lens allows you to shoot in smaller spaces because you can “step back” optically in a space where you physically can’t step back any further. This ability to shoot wider lets you convey the vastness of a space in a single frame and tell a more comprehensive story.

Pei Ketron

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It’s always interesting to experience with architecture composition. Because the wide lens captures such a big scene, i often center focus the shot so it stands out more compared to everything around it. Then with the focus point in the middle, try framing the photo is such a way that the rest of image encompasses the subject. Another thing to remember is that with a center focus point be sure check the edges of the shot in order to make sure that the photo is balanced between the center and the rest of the image.

Varun Thota

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Don’t be afraid to crop

While showing the dramatic scale of an entire building is great, another awesome alternative is capturing a segment of a building. It gives more detail about the intricacy of architecture. Often times, if an image is too far away, a lot of those beautiful delicate details get lost, and it doesn’t quite do the structure justice. Not only does it bring out those details, but you can also capture some fantastic minimalistic compositions

- Erica Simas

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