Secrets of Munich: The Best Places For Photos

If you love contemporary architecture and unique perspectives, Munich is the perfect place. Explore the city and check out the secrets of Munich.

02 Metro 05 Candidplatz01
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Munich may be best known for its Bavarian traditions and its proximity to the Alps, but it also has a modern side to it. If you love contemporary architecture and unique perspectives, there are some fascinating places that you cannot miss.

Here are some favorites:

1. The Munich U-Bahn

It is not as famous as its counterparts in Stockholm and Moscow; however, the subway system is definitely a local favorite and well worth a visit. A wide variety of architectural forms, a lot of symmetry, vivid color schemes, and artistic lighting characterize the Munich U-Bahn. 

While the orange pedestrian walkways at Marienplatz and the giant light domes at Westfriedhof have already become Instagram classics, other stations like Olympia-Einkaufszentrum, Duelferstrasse, Hasenbergl, and Candid-Platz deserve just as much attention.

02 Metro 01 Marienplatz01
02 Metro 01 Marienplatz03
02 Metro 01 Marienplatz02
02 Metro 02 Duelferstrasse
02 Metro 03 Oly Zentrum01
02 Metro 04 Hasenbergl02
02 Metro 04 Hasenbergl03
02 Metro 05 Candidplatz01
02 Metro 05 Candidplatz02
02 Metro 06 Westfriedhof01
02 Metro 06 Westfriedhof02
02 Metro 06 Westfriedhof03

2. Futuristic Buildings, Soccer, and Cars

Back above ground, there are two particularly innovative landmarks waiting to be discovered. One of them is the Allianz Arena by Herzog & de Meuron that will captivate anyone – not only soccer fans. Its spectacular facade, with its diamond-shaped, inflated cushions, changes its appearance regularly, when illuminated at night. 

In addition to that, archi-lovers and car enthusiasts will enjoy spending some time at the BMW World, designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au, with the glittering Double Cone, probably its most photogenic feature.

04 Archi 06 Allianz Arena03
04 Archi 06 Allianz Arena01
04 Archi 04 Bmw02
04 Archi 04 Bmw03
04 Archi 04 Bmw01

3. Colorful Facades and Art

Munich’s modern buildings are not only about technological sophistication; they can be really colorful, too. Sauerbruch Hutton is well known for its skilled use of light and color, and the ADAC headquarters and Museum Brandhorst illustrate that with their signature facades. 

Art aficionados may also want to explore the Pinakothek der Moderne next door, with its stunning atrium skylight, and marvel at Olafur Eliasson’s endless staircase in the courtyard of the KPMG building.

04 Archi 01 Adac01
04 Archi 01 Adac02
04 Archi 01 Adac03
04 Archi 02 Brandhorst02
04 Archi 02 Brandhorst01
04 Archi 02 Brandhorst03
04 Archi 05 Pinakothek01
04 Archi 05 Pinakothek02
04 Archi 03 Kpmg01
04 Archi 03 Kpmg02

4. Spiral Staircase Paradise

For those of you who agree that #theworldneedsmorespiralstaircases, Munich will seem to be a heavenly place, as there already are countless examples with intriguing geometric shapes and patterns. 

The Dutch consulate, the Neue Maxburg, Kunstblock Ottostrasse and the Isartor Pharmacy are good places to start, but every open door may lead to another beauty…

05 Spirals 01 Dutch Consulate01
05 Spirals 01 Dutch Consulate02
05 Spirals 01 Dutch Consulate03
05 Spirals 01 Dutch Consulate04
05 Spirals 02 Neue Maxburg01
05 Spirals 02 Neue Maxburg02
05 Spirals 02 Neue Maxburg03
05 Spirals 03 Kunstblock Otto01
05 Spirals 03 Kunstblock Otto03
05 Spirals 03 Kunstblock Otto02
05 Spirals 04 Isartor Pharmacy01
05 Spirals 04 Isartor Pharmacy02
05 Spirals 05 Trade Academy01
05 Spirals 05 Trade Academy02
05 Spirals 06 Glockenspiel
05 Spirals 07 Inlingua

After having explored Munich’s modern architectural gems, settle in at one of the beautiful beer gardens and watch the world go by. Some of our Bavarian traditions are just meant to be kept!

Julia is an amateur photographer from Munich who spends the bigger part of the year traveling. She always looks for fascinating places, experiences, and perspectives off the beaten track, to capture and share with others. Modern architecture is one of her favorite photography subjects. Follow more of her work on Instagram - @juliasummer.

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