San Luis Potosi, Mexico: What To Do & Photograph

If you're heading to San Luis Potosi, Mexico, you definitely want to keep these tips in mind. Learn about some of the best places to photograph.

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Mexico is such an amazing country, but most people are only familiar with Mexico City, border cities like Tijuana, or the famous beaches. But that’s not the real essence of Mexico. There’s so much more about this country than that.

The state where I live is called San Luis Potosi, and it's located in the center of Mexico, so there’s no beach. But it doesn't matter because there’s plenty of things for you to do!

1. Schedule your days around Sunset and Sunrise

You’re gonna love the sky's colors at sunrise and sunset hours, and, of course, you will want to capture great pictures of those spectacular scenes. For sunrise, you will need to wake up early and get your gear ready. Sometimes I like to find new higher places to shoot sunrise with my friends.

In case you lose sunrise time, you can also take great photos at sunset. No matter what, if you're making use of the time you have, you'll capture some beautiful shots. My tip for adding variety to these is to observe what surrounds you. Every little detail matters. Personally, I love to capture the sunlight through the plants. You can also get good photos of silhouettes if you’re in a high area, when the sky is clear. Hopefully you have some friends to use as models.


2. Make sure to spend a day in the old cities

In the old cities and little towns of San Luis Potosí, you’ll find a lot to do. If you want to learn about history, those are the places where you must go. 

The center of San Luis Potosi is a good place to go for a walk with friends or family, but I suggest you go early or late in the afternoon. Those are the best times to take pictures, as the streets will be empty, and you'll get some awesome photos of the old buildings.


3. Don’t forget to go for a swim

If you’re looking for natural swimming holes, there’s an area in the state of San Luis Potosí known as Huasteca Potosina. There are lots of beautiful waterfalls, and you can go swimming any time. And what's even better is that those places are not very far from one another.

My favorite place is known as Minas Viejas. Here you'll find a big, beautiful waterfall with crystal blue water and other smaller ones hidden at the top. There’s another place with deep blue water known as Tamasopo, where you can jump or dive into the water.

Don't stop there! There are a ton of other places in the area to get beautiful pictures of the natural landscapes. 


4. Embrace the tropical weather

The weather in San Luis Potosi may be a little bit crazy. One minute, it could be sunny, and the next minute, it may be raining. When it rains, it’s a good time to take some macro photos of raindrops on the plants or glasses.

Raining is also an appropriate time for our little insect and animal friends to come out and enjoy the weather, and that’s when you can get close to them to take beautiful and detailed pictures.


5. Enjoy the food!

Mexico is renowned for its gastronomy. Not long ago, it was declared an intangible heritage of humanity. The Mexican gastronomy is very varied and very delicious. In SLP, we have a typical dish called "gorditas," which is a masa made of corn and usually stuffed with stews.

On cold days or at night, it's customary to eat freshly baked sweet bread. In Mexico, we have many types of sweet bread, such as the "concha" that is a soft bread in the shape of a tortoiseshell, and at the top, it has sweet "cuernos" in the shape of bull horns. Sometimes they are stuffed, but they're always delicious. They are best enjoyed with a hot drink like coffee, "atole", or milk with chocolate (the chocolate is handmade here!).

As a snack, you’ll find on the streets many people selling Mexican street corn called “elotes." They are cooked mostly on the grill and prepared with mayonnaise, cheese, and powdered chili. This is one of the most delicious things on this side of the world, aside from tacos, of course. 


Anytime is a great time to visit Central Mexico and be amazed by the beautiful state of San Luis Potosi. You’ll be surprised what you may find. Come with an open mind, ready for adventure, and find all the details that will make you want to stay forever. 

Mexico will always welcome tourists from all around the world with open arms.


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