San Francisco’s Most Photogenic Coffee Shops

San Francisco’s most beautiful coffee shops and Boba Tea spot for taking mobile photos for Instagram, courtesy of photographer Pei Ketron @pketron

Pketron The Mill 01
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Are you in San Francisco with some free time, a hankering for a jolt of caffeine, and maybe even the appetite for a thick, satisfying piece of hipster toast? Take a peek at some of the most photogenic coffee spots in town.

These shops were selected almost entirely for their aesthetics and vibe, but they produce some damn good coffee as well.

1. Ritual Coffee

Inside of Flora Grubb Gardens
1634 Jerrold Ave. 
@ritualcoffee and @floragrubbgardens

A coffee shop inside a nursery has to be one of the most ingenious ideas ever. Sip your coffee while browsing the indoor/outdoor plant selection, or get comfy in one of the seats nestled among the greenery.

Pketron Ritual Flora Grubb 02
Pketron Ritual Flora Grubb 01
Pketron Ritual Flora Grubb 04
Pketron Ritual Flora Grubb 03

2. Sightglass Coffee

301 Divisadero St.

All of the Sightglass locations are beautiful, but this one is notable because it’s the newest location for this classic San Francisco roaster. Make sure to bring your Wide and Superfish lenses to capture the big, beautiful space.

Pketron Sightglass 01
Pketron Sightglass 02
Pketron Sightglass 03
Pketron Sightglass 04

3. Tartine Manufactory

595 Alabama St.

When a single business offers top of the line coffee, pastries, sandwiches, salads, ice cream, a wine bar, and a full dinner menu – all bathed in beautiful light, what more could you ask for? We’re never leaving.

Pketron Tartine Manufactory 03
Pketron Tartine Manufactory 01
Pketron Tartine Manufactory 02
Pketron Tartine Manufactory 04

4. Reveille Coffee Co. aka Cafe Reveille

610 Long Bridge St.

Reveille’s charming aesthetic is brought to life by the floor-to-ceiling windows and pink and green tones throughout. Make sure to sit at their uber cute counter.

Pketron Reveille 01
Pketron Reveille 02
Pketron Reveille 03

5. The Mill

736 Divisadero St.

The tiles and shelving are to die for in this coffee shop. The Mill is known for making hipster toast a thing (though it should be noted that they weren’t the first to do hipster toast: that would be Trouble Coffee in the Outer Sunset!).

Pketron The Mill 01
Pketron The Mill 02
Pketron The Mill 03
Pketron The Mill 04

6. Saint Frank

2340 Polk St.

They have the weakest coffee offerings of the bunch, but the shop’s clean and minimal design is accentuated by a well-positioned skylight and it’s hard not to love!

Pketron Saint Frank 01
Pketron Saint Frank 02
Pketron Saint Frank 03
Pketron Saint Frank 04


8 Octavia St. #308

If you want to expand beyond just coffee drinks but maintain that coffee shop feel, head to Boba Guys’ San Francisco flagship location, a bright corner space, watched over by their trademark anteater.

Pketron Boba Guys 01
Pketron Boba Guys 02
Pketron Boba Guys 03

Pei is a photographer and educator based in San Francisco. You can check out her work here and follow her on Instagram at @pketron.

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