Samsung Galaxy S9 + Live Focus | How To Take Dog Portraits

Our very own, @alohacrabs, took the Galaxy S9+ Live Focus to the test and took portraits of dogs. Check out his 4 tips in taking the perfect portraits of dogs!

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If you've been wondering about the Live Focus feature on the brand new Samsung Galaxy S9+, wonder no more! We put Live Focus through an extensive portrait test. But – instead of shooting with people like we normally do – we decided to shoot photos of dogs. Who doesn't love dogs?! 

To do this, we channeled our inner Elias Weiss Friedman, @thedogist. We brought treats and toys to the shoot, and came up with 4 simple tips to help capture the perfect dog portraits. Check them out below!

Tip 1: Treats and Toys Are Important!

Dogs can be tricky when taking photos, especially when surrounded by other dogs! The trick for getting them to sit still long enough to get the shot is holding a treat or a toy right above the camera. 

Asking them to sit as they stare at the treat/toy gives you a quick second to fire away. But be quick. If you're lucky, you'll get a few good shots in there. Be sure to also reward your adorable model by giving them the treat/toy they deserve as soon as you've taken your shot.

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Tip 2: Be Flexible and Get On Their Level

Crouching down is a must when taking dog portraits. But remember to do it slowly - you don't want to excite them and get them out of their sit/stay pose. Crouching down gives you a different perspective too. It can create better eye contact and different facial expressions. 

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Tip 3: Change Your Angles 

Whether you're crouching or standing, don't be afraid to capture photos from different angles. Standing right above them offers a distinct perspective. It can feel impromptu and playful. 

Another option is to have their owners hold them. If they're small enough, they are easy enough to carry. If they're too big, ask the owner to get on the ground with their dog and hug them. As long as you aren't capturing all the same shots from the same angle, you will capture plenty of great images!

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Tip 4: Candids Are Perfect! 

Your subjects will move around a lot, and that's totally fine. Don't feel pressured to get the perfect shot each time. A little bit of blur, a funny look, or an atypical composition can all still make for charming, and realistic shots. 

Have some fun, and edit them differently. We tend to edit candids like these in black and white because it focuses on the imperfections, which is what makes an image special!

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Special thanks to our adorable models: Shawn, Wally, Titan, Miles, Koston, Oliver, Mia and @aprilduron@rayduker, @justjackilee, @ericmbryant@brishaepfeifer for joining us at the park.

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