"Rouge" | A Provocative Short Film by Natasha Wilson

Natasha Wilson, of Moment Films Season 2, has just released a new short film titled "Rouge." Learn about her creative process in making such inspiring work.

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Natasha Wilson, of Moment Films Season 2, has just released a new short film titled "Rouge." We were blown away by Natasha’s use of color and storytelling in this film, so we sat down with her to learn more about her creative process. 

Once you watch the film, you’ll definitely want to know how she made it!

For any creative, the process to a completed work is a journey, and we were thrilled to chat with Natasha and learn more about her unique perspective.

What is this film about?

Rouge is a serenade for a woman stuck in her ways. She wears only red, buys only red things, her entire life is stained by this very hue. One day her world disintegrates when she meets a man with the opposite lifestyle in the grocery store. His life is yellow, but he is in love with her differences. Rouge can not agree, and survival of the fittest unfolds. 

What was the inspiration behind Rouge?

The first time I heard "Dance of Death" by Andrew Bird, driving in my car, I had imagined the whole storyline. The music carried such a cinematic vibe, I just saw the story play out in my head. Later, I crafted more details and got down to logistics to see how I could make it into a film.

How has your experience been shooting on mobile?

Making a film on mobile is incredibly efficient. I love shooting in slow motion, and the Moment lenses add a depth effect that I don't think can be achieved with only a phone. We were able to film in grocery stores, the library, etc. without anyone being suspicious. It creates a much easier environment.  


What has been your “go-to” gear?

The wide lens and the superfish lens were my favorites to work with for this film. I was working in a lot of tight spaces, so having the wider lenses gave each shot more dimension. 

How has the journey from photography to filmmaking been?

Filmmaking hasn't come as easy to me, I will admit. I can create a story in my head, characters, color, etc, but when it comes to executing the film - I just want to see the final product. Filmmaking has taught me patience, and gratitude for all the roles that are involved in producing even a short film. Filmmaking has also taught me how much I love directing. 

What’s next?

Right now, I am working on more projects with impact. I want to create meaning, have communities come together and support each other, and start hard discussions. These projects always take more time, which is a learning process and humbling experience on its own. 


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