Roaming the Globe: 7 Undiscovered Travel Photographers

There's a wealth of travelers roaming the globe, documenting the cool things they find. Here are a few Travel Photographers you should be following.

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At the risk of embracing a total cliché, “wanderlust” is the “strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.”

Sure, it’s become a bit of a trope, but the idea still serves to explain the current era of travel culture. Never in the history of mankind has transportation been so efficient and so affordable. And in the Age of Information, it’s never been easier to learn and dream about distant places we want to experience. And since life doesn’t always allow us to see, taste, and hear all of these places in person, it’s awesome that social media lets us live vicariously through some of our favorite travel photographers.

There are many great travel bloggers making a living off of their beautiful travels, but there is also a wealth of “undiscovered” travelers roaming the globe and documenting the cool things they find. Here are a few we think you should be following:


Based in the Netherlands, but often on traveling to nearby European countries, Marco’s feed is an architecture lover’s dream. His composition of shapes, lines, and pops of colors strike the perfect balance of quirky and minimal.


You’ll usually find Landon wearing a smile wherever he is. His keen sense of style is evident in the mix of photos of his NYC home and the everyday moments he encounters while traveling the country.


Steffen is a proud #iphoneonly shooter, and his creativity speaks for itself. Constantly on the go, Steffen captures compelling tones and mood in the cities he visits around the world.


Alex’s photos of her travels give you the feeling you’re traveling along with her. Her photos highlight both the awe-inspiring views and ordinary moments that make a trip unique. Take a look at some of her favorite spots and bookmark them for your next trip.

A post shared by Alex Monacella (@whatafox) on
A post shared by Alex Monacella (@whatafox) on
A post shared by Alex Monacella (@whatafox) on


From warm climates to the bitter cold, Nathan’s travels will make you instantly think, “I want to be there!” His photos capture the adventures he and his friends get into everywhere they go.


Beautiful European architecture and a dash of stunning landscapes, Karsten’s photos will give you the best kind of travel envy. Karsten’s consistent editing style and great composition make him a great follow!


Hiram’s photo style proves that you don’t have to only photograph the popular, epic scenes and buildings when you travel. His photos remind us that there is immense beauty in the details all over the world.

A post shared by Hiram Sarmiento (@mhsar) on
A post shared by Hiram Sarmiento (@mhsar) on

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