Product Review: Hiking with the Moment Case

Julia Manchik (@juliamanchik) goes on a hike with the Moment team and breaks down what she loves most about the new Moment Case.

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One of the masters of design and photography here at Moment is Julia Manchik. When she’s not flexing her creative muscles at work, she likes to spend time with friends outdoors. Hiking is a big part of her life in the Pacific Northwest, so she took the new Case for a spin to see how it holds up in the wild. Here’s what she had to say:

Lightweight Design

I love how lightweight the Case is. If you’re a hiker, you know that cutting any weight from your pack is a positive. The less encumbered you are, the more enjoyable the hike, and the farther you can go. No need to lug around a big, heavy DSLR to get great pictures. The thin design also makes it easy to carry around. For this hike, I found myself stopping less and less distracted because I didn’t need to keep stopping to get new lenses out of my bag. Instead, I could slip the Case in and out of my pocket really easily, which is great for quick captures. The lenses, inside their microfiber bags, were easily accessible in my coat pocket too.

Attaching a Strap

The strap attachment is one powerful thing that sets the Case apart from other slim cases. Having a wrist or neck strap means I can access my phone even faster to snap a quick photo. It keeps my phone always within reach. Another thing that I found super helpful was the added security. As a hiker, you’re routinely walking over slippery surfaces, trekking across steep ridges, crossing logs over rivers, etc. Coincidentally, those are also awesome photo opportunities. In the past, I’ve been worried about dropping my phone, but now, with the strap, I feel more comfortable, and my photos are less inhibited.

Lens Mount Interface

Last but definitely not least, the thing that really makes the Case different from other slim phone cases is that it’s the only one ever created for photo-taking. The built-in lens mount interface means I can carry my Moment lenses with me and attach them to the case when needed. The new design of the interface is easy to use, and it feels even more secure than before because the lenses now lock into place.

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