Print is Not Dead: 6 Publications to Inspire Your 2017

A new year means new opportunities to create art. Brian Cason @briancason has 6 print publications that will keep your creativity flowing in 2017.

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A new year offers creatives something special: a blank canvas. It is an excellent opportunity to push ourselves and our passions to unexplored heights. For 2017, we at Moment wish you the means to create something truly meaningful — in whatever medium speaks to you.

Whether you’re a professional creative or a hobbyist, inspiration is key to growth. And there is something extra special about tangible inspiration — being able to touch and experience something thoughtful and well-made.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best print publications to keep you inspired this year. These magazines are telling powerful stories of creators, dreamers, doers, and more across a variety of skills and backgrounds.

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The Great Discontent

The Great Discontent (TGD) is a limited release magazine featuring inspiring conversations with today’s artists, makers, and risk-takers. Focusing on beginnings, creativity, and risk, TGD provides a memorable look into the lives of its subjects via long-form interviews and short features

As they have expanded into film projects and live events, TGD’s original vision remains paramount: to build a timeless archive of content that provides an unforgettable look into the lives of those who create, and to awaken readers to a possibility.

Buy now - $25


With the omnipresence of technology and the web we easily forget what goes into making our digital lifestyle possible. Offscreen is a printed magazine that celebrates the human element of innovation by examining the hard work and creative thinking that happens behind the scenes of websites, games, apps, and other tech products.

With only a handful of issues each year, Offscreen aims to give abstract products a real face by exploring the personal stories that lie behind million-dollar acquisitions, bootstrapped companies, and fun side projects. It’s a window into the lives of people that object established thinking and instead take risks to push forward to advance themselves, their company or indeed humanity through the use of technology.

Buy Now - $20


Rogue is a quarterly printed magazine that exists to celebrate and inspire artists through our compelling in-depth interviews, photography and narratives.

Rogue combines an innovative visual aesthetic with intellectually provocative content, to push the boundaries of what independent media has to offer. In an age where style has overtaken substance, Rogue is raising its flag as a conduit to creatives across the world. They showcase the artists, tastemakers, and makers of all kinds who are creating a culture where meaning is paramount and the metric of success is creating something that matters, be it a movie, a meal, or a meaningful story.

Buy Now - $15.99

Adventure Journal

Adventure Journal started as an online magazine devoted to outdoor adventure in all its forms and has just recently embarked on bringing adventure to life in print. Their 4 issues a year tell the stories of those who live and breath the beautiful nature around them. Stories of epic climbs, beautiful hikes, and more are paired with imagery that is sure to inspire you to get out and see someplace new this year.

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At Moment we obviously have a thing for coffee and we think you might too.
Coffee sits in the background of some of the most important moments in our lives. It is tied to a sense of place and a sense of community. Drift is about coffee, the people who drink it, and the cities they inhabit. Their collection of writers and photographers, alongside coffee shop owners, baristas, streetcart vendors, and patrons, capture a glimpse of what it’s like to drink coffee in a city at the time the magazine is printed. Each issue highlights a different city.

This magazine is about giving you an inside look into somewhere new with inspiring stories and breathtaking photography. Printed twice yearly, you can subscribe to save a few bucks or snag a copy online; you may even find it on the shelf of your local coffee shop.

Buy Now - $24

Very Nearly Almost (VNA)

Very Nearly Almost is a UK-based independent magazine printed quarterly which features interviews with some of the world’s best urban artists, illustrators and photographers. Launched in 2006, VNA tracks everything from the wheatpastes, paint and stencils out there on the streets, to gallery shows and events that bring together artists from around the world.
Each issue brings you in-depth feature articles and interviews with the biggest names on the scene, as well as up and coming artists.

Though they’re based in the UK you can get your hands on it online or through various retailers around the globe!

Buy Now - $8

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