Pranking Our Backers: You Like The New Cases?

We're officially funded on Kickstarter! To celebrate, we decided to have a Seattle meet to let the community get their hands on the new Moment 2.0 gear!

Prank Hero
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It’s not every day a company launches a new product on Kickstarter. We are beyond thrilled that our campaign is fully funded and wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people who backed and shared our project!

To celebrate, we decided to host a local Seattle meet and greet so the community could see and try the new prototypes. We met on a typically rainy Seattle morning and went to the beautiful Volunteer Park Conservatory to take photos.

When we arrived, Marc and Caleb decided to have a little fun with our backers. They decided to get some opinions on the “New Moment Case.” but instead of showing them the real Case, we brought in some imposters. I mean, who doesn’t love a good Owl case?

Clearly there was a little more favoritism toward the actual Moment Case, but we must say, the Owl (Cat?) Case was a close second.

We spent the day shooting around the conservatory, making friends, and escaping the rain. It was a blast getting to spend time talking to our customers about the new products!

We cannot wait to get these new products in everyone’s hands and truly appreciate all the support on this journey!

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