#PortraitMoment: Winners Are In!

Our January contest, #PortraitMoment (Weekend Hashtag Project), was a success! These three talented winners will receive a Moment Tele Lens Kit.

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The winners are in!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our Weekend Hashtag Project #PortraitMoment this past weekend. You know it’s an indisputable success when we have a hard time choosing winners. All of the submissions were truly great. See them here.

That said, unfortunately we could only choose three. So without further ado, here are your #PortraitMoment winners:

1st Place Winner

David E. Leong


@d.leong has an undeniable eye for color and shape, and it truly shines in his portraiture. We loved the simple but perfectly balanced tones in his winning image. Check out his Instagram feed for killer architectural shots and his unique, emotive models.

David’s Other Entries:

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2nd Place Winner

Christina Devicter


@christinadevictor’s self-portrait game is strong! We were captivated by the emotion in her winning image. Give her well-curated Instagram a follow for a great mix of nature, portraiture, and photos of her cute pup.

Christina’s Other Entries:

3rd Place Winner

Anton Kit


@kit_ua’s iPhone only feed is an inspiration. We loved the mood brought to his winning image by the striking lines and harsh shadows. Armed only with his iPhone 5c, he’s sure to keep you asking, “That’s really an iPhone shot?”

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Anton’s Other Entries:

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A post shared by 🔴iPhone only (@kit_ua) on
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