Pinterest Dreams: How To Shoot Beautiful Interiors

Frequent traveler and photographer Candida Wohlgemuth (@candida) gives 4 easy ways to shoot better interior photos.

Interiors Tip 4A
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Interiors are one of my favorite things to capture. Sometimes I almost feel like I’m meeting someone famous when I get to shoot a house I’ve followed on IG or space I’ve seen in shoots. Anyone else get that feeling?

As such a major fan, I would love to share tips on ways I capture them. There is something so special about a space when it has had a lot of thought and love put into it. From the design, to the layout, to the pieces that make it unique, capturing interiors in a meaningful and thoughtful manner allows you to tell the story of the place.

Hips Don’t Lie

When shooting interiors, shoot from waist level (AKA your hips). This keeps a shot from feeling like you’re looking down on a room in an unnatural way. It’s always best to shoot during the day, especially in the afternoon hours. The light becomes very warm during this time, which warms up your photos really nicely.

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Nature Wins

When possible, open all the windows, and let as much natural light as possible flow into the space. You may be afraid of too much unpredictable light, but don’t be! Many of my favorite interior photos have interesting natural light lines that make the photo pop.

If you’re limited on light, turn on lights that have a soft white glow to them. If you have fluorescent lights, it’s best to keep those off. Light candles for a more #moodygram vibe (just in time for fall!).

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Go Wide

To capture the most of the room, shoot with a wide lens. I love capturing details, but it’s equally important to show the entire story when shooting interiors.

Shoot from the doorway when you enter into a room, as this adds a transition to your photo story, from one room to the next. Don’t forget to capture the hallway or bathrooms too! Some of the most darling decor pieces can be found there.

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Horizontal vs. Vertical? Both.

Fun fact: Vertical shots fill up a larger square footage on a mobile phone. If you want the largest photo possible to fill an Instagram feed, vertical is the way to go, but don’t forget some horizontal shots for your friends on desktop, checking out your website.

Interiors Tip 4A
Interiors Tip 4B

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