Photo Tips from Alex Strohl – Shooting in Midday

Alex Strohl offers 3 pro tips for shooting photos in midday. Check out his new summer workshop and a special $30 off offer.

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Shooting Midday

Tips with Alex Strohl

Shooting midday can offer a myriad of complications when planning isn’t properly executed. Is it too bright, too hot, too gloomy? Luckily, adventure photographer, Alex Strohl, takes us through his simple three-step process to ensure a seamless shoot during the midday rut.

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Tip #1: Download a Forecast App

One of the best ways to adequately pick the perfect shooting day is it look up the weather forecast. Alex’s go-to app is Wunderground, as he loves forecasting when and where the best light for shooting will be throughout the afternoon. Cloudy skies will create soft shadows and gorgeous light, whereas sunny afternoons might be a bit more tricky.

Nonetheless, get creative and play around!

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Tip #2: Direction of Light

Scout the location when you first arrive and take note of the light’s direction. Photographing landscapes in soft, gloomy weather will provide an even playing field to ensure a good light source from every orientation. When shooting portraits, be sure to have the light shine on the subject to illuminate their face.

During the sunny hours, it’ll help tremendously to shoot your subject inside the shadows (a brussel of trees, a city skyscraper, etc.) as it will act as a nice diffuser from the midday’s harsher conditions.

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Tip #3: Overexpose By A Stop or Two

Whatever weather condition is made available, Alex always exposes his midday photographs by an extra stop or two. This produces a gorgeous airy / creamy vibe that cannot be replicated elsewhere. In addition to overexposing, try shooting towards the sun as this will increase the overall contrast and luminance value to your photographs that wouldn’t otherwise be possible with your back facing the light.

Whatever you do—own that harsh light, baby!

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No matter how harsh or gloomy the midday light is, Alex’s tips will ensure success. If you’re looking for more expert tips from Alex, be sure to checkout his Summer Workshop. Save $30 by using the code MOMENT at checkout.


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