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Outer Limits Gear Review

Introducing Gear Drop #23 — Outer Limits.

Boys And The Van 02 Boys And The Van 02 | placeholder
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Introducing: Outer Limits Drop

What You Need, Not What You Don’t

Introducing Gear Drop #23 — Outer Limits. Outer Limits is about new places, getting out of your comfort zone, and exploring the unknown. Packing for a trip, following a path, and meeting friends along the way. The photos tell the story…after it happens. This drop includes our basic, must take gear. The kind of gear you can count on to deliver. It’s packable yet purposeful. It’s simple yet durable. It’s what you need, not what you don’t. 

Inspired by the photography adventures of James Barkman, this collection includes some of our favorite adventure gear from Welsh, f-stop, and Manfroto. This is the gear we use to travel, protect our gear, and keep us organized.

Read below the items’ descriptions, as well as a comprehensible review of each item that includes a series of images. We’re proud to showcase incredible, durable as h*eck items that are long lasting for our fellow adventurers.

Multiple Gear Multiple Gear | placeholder

Multiple gear stacked.

f-stop Packing Cube f-stop Packing Cube | placeholder

f-stop Packing Cell Kit

f-stop Packing Cell f-stop Packing Cell | placeholder

Pack everything you need from toiletries to Moment gear.

f-stop Packing Cell Kit

While your ICU keeps your camera gear in order, the Packing Cells bring modular organization to the rest of your bag. Engineered in 3 sizes to fit the spaces around the ICU in Mountain Series packs, they will bring order to your packing habits whether on a day hike or traveling on business.

  • Handle for easy carry
  • Modular sizing to fit around ICUs
  • Mesh panels for ventilation and easy viewing of contents
  • High quality YKK® zippers


Ania Bag Ania Bag | placeholder

The Anja bag.

Ania Bag James Ania Bag James | placeholder

Headed South.

James In Car James In Car | placeholder

No worries here.

Van Life 02 Van Life 02 | placeholder

Cruising down the road.

Travel Case Ania Bag Travel Case Ania Bag | placeholder

Packing up for an adventure.

f-stop Ajna Bag

The agile welterweight of the Mountain Series range, the Ajna is the successor of f-stop’s previous generation, Loka, a daypack for active users needing optimal balance and mobility. With 40 liters of low-profile storage and carry-on compliant size, the Ajna is the perfect travel companion for any destination shooter.

  • Internal aluminum frame plus Soft Flex injection molded EVA belt and shoulder straps gives you all-day support
  • Quick-release side compression straps
  • Oxford-weave ripstop nylon and AdvantaTM, a thermoplastic polyurethane film, provides unprecedented weather-resistance
  • Hypalon® reinforced base means protection against wet surfaces and terrain
  • Heavy-duty 3-fold carry handle
  • 32 liter storage


Welsh Cable Organizer Welsh Cable Organizer | placeholder

Welsh Cable Organizer.

Boys And The Van 02 Boys And The Van 02 | placeholder

The good ole boys.

Big Boys Big Boys | placeholder

The good ole boys part II.

Cable Organizer 02 Cable Organizer 02 | placeholder

Everything you need, not what you don't.

Welsh Cable Organizer

A cute little accessory you will use every day, the Cable Organizer keeps your headphones from getting all snarled and tangled. Made from American leather, and with the Welsh Mtn brand boldly etched into its surface, this little item is a fashion accessory in its own right.

  • Weighs 0.5 ounces
  • Dimensions: 3" x 1.5"
  • Made from 5 oz Brown Double-Tanned Latigo
  • Solid Brass Stud


Welsh Gear Welsh Gear | placeholder

Welsh gear.

Through The Window Through The Window | placeholder

Cruising down the way.

Big Yellow Van Big Yellow Van | placeholder

Ain't got nothing on us.

Laptop Sleeve With Coffee Laptop Sleeve With Coffee | placeholder

Laptop sleeve with coffee.

Welsh Laptop Sleeve

The laptop sleeve is designed to protect your laptop from everyday bumps and scrapes while still being sleek enough to slide easily in and out of a laptop compartment within a bag or backpack.

Like all Welsh Mtn products, the laptop sleeve is made to last. With just two lines of stitching holding things together, it perfectly embodies the Welsh Mtn ethos of simplicity and durability… and just so happens to look incredible.

  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • Fits up to 13” Laptops.
  • Made from 5 oz. Brown Double-Tanned Latigo


Gear Gear | placeholder

All of the gear.

f-stop Icu Series f-stop Icu Series | placeholder

Dusted with grit.

Gear Next To Van Gear Next To Van | placeholder

All the gear stacked up!

F Stop Icu Bag F Stop Icu Bag | placeholder

f-stop ICU Bag.

F-Stop ICU Bag

The Medium Slope is a performance oriented ICU, designed specifically for gripped bodies with attached optics. The tapered design allows the glass and body to rest in a level orientation and for the bulk of the weight to sit closer to your back.

  • Brushed polyester lining
  • Tough, water-resistant shell material
  • Protective, High-Density Cross Link Foam
  • Removable foam lid insert
  • Infinitely customizable dividers
  • Carry Handle
  • Velcro® tabs secure to Mountain Series pack frames


Moment Gear Tele Lans Moment Gear Tele Lans | placeholder

Works perfect with Moment gear.

Manfrotto Tripod Manfrotto Tripod | placeholder

Manfrotto Black Tripod.

Manfrotto Black Tripod

PIXI Smart is the perfect choice for anyone who uses their smartphone on a daily basis to take spontaneous pictures. The PIXI black now boasts a Universal Smartphone clamp, with multiple ¼” thread attachments, which enables its use with most of the smartphones currently on the market, ensuring great flexibility and ease of use in any type of circumstance. The PIXI Smart features double functionality: it works as a stable holder and can also be used as a comfortable ergonomic grip to capture great videos, take selfies and incredible images that really stand out from the rest.

  • Smartphone clamp with 1/4 thread attachment included
  • Comfortable handgrip to capture great videos
  • Push button locking mechanism for easy set-up
  • Lightweight, intuitive to use and easy to carry


Moment Lens Pouch Moment Lens Pouch | placeholder

Moment lens pouch.

Surfboards Surfboards | placeholder

Surf hangs.

Van Life Van Life | placeholder

Van life.

Moment Attachable Lens Pouch

The best way to carry your lenses on any adventure. A weatherproof, low profile pouch that attaches to your backpack strap for quick access to your Moment Lenses. Simply attach it to your pack strap, press fit your lenses into the foam inserts, zip it up, and you’re good to go.

We’ve been wanting to make this one for a long time. After all kinds of outdoor activity and not knowing where to store our lenses, we realized there was one common thread across all our adventures, the backpack. Inspired by camera front packs for DSLRs, we worked through multiple design iterations and settled on a small, low profile protective pouch that easily attaches to your pack strap and stays out of the way during even the rowdiest descents.


Moment Stuff Sack 03 Moment Stuff Sack 03 | placeholder

Casual hangs.

Yummy Hot Dog Yummy Hot Dog | placeholder

The best campfire snack.

Snacking Snacking | placeholder

Snacking like how we know best.

Sean Moment Gear Sean Moment Gear | placeholder

Sean working it with the Moment gear.

Mountain Top Mountain Top | placeholder

On top of the world.

Moment Stuff Sack Climing Moment Stuff Sack Climing | placeholder

Climbing with the Moment Stuff Sack.

Moment Stuff Sack

The simple bag you never knew you needed inside your backpack. Organize your bits, pieces, snacks, lunch, clothes… the options are endless.

Inspired by our mountain guide friends — We noticed them using old ski touring skin bags and stuff sacks as a way to wrangle all their sandwiches, apples, cookies, CLIF bars, leftover pizza, and more inside their pack. After all, you can never have enough snacks on a big day in the mountains. We decided to make our own rendition that’s lighter, easier to clean, and even has a velcro pocket inside to take care of stray wrappers and smaller items that usually find themselves floating around and getting melted chocolate all over everything else. Meet your new best friend for snackganization.


Moment Travel Case Moment Travel Case | placeholder

Moment Travel Case.

James On The Mountain James On The Mountain | placeholder

James on the mountain.

Good Ole Boys Good Ole Boys | placeholder

Niles + Caleb.

Moment Weatherproof Travel Case

The new and improved Moment travel case with weatherproof materials and ruggedized construction.

When using our current travel cases in the field, we realized we needed more protection from the elements during more mountainous adventures. So we decided to make a weatherproof version for our more adventurous customers.


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