Out of the Box: Getting Started with Your New Moment Gear

We recognize that we have many new Moment users after the holiday, so we’ve compiled a short, insightful guide to get you started using your new gear!

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The holidays are a time to gather and create lasting memories with our family and friends. The giving and receiving of gifts can be a meaningful way to show our love and appreciation for those we care about.

We recognize that we have many new Moment users after the holiday, so we’ve compiled a short, insightful guide to get you started using your new gear.

These video tutorials and pro tips from our favorite photographers and videographers will help you capture amazing mobile photos and video in no time!

Check out some of the #momentunboxing images from the community below!

Check out more rad unboxing photos from the Moment community here: #momentunboxing


The Moment Case is the first iPhone case that makes your phone work more like a camera. With a DSLR-like shutter button, lens interface, and strap attachment, this thin, everyday case brings the best of traditional photography back to your phone. Perfect for anyone who loves to capture beautiful photos and videos with their iPhone.


Everything is moving so fast and you never want to miss out on capturing those special moments. The Moment Case’s DSLR like shutter button allows you to capture fast moving action and scenes, with a simple press of the button. The Case is perfect for one-handed shooting when you’re on the go. Never miss a shot again when you’re biking, hiking, or exploring the city.

Click here for more tips on using your Moment Case.


Using Apple’s 3D Touch technology, we’ve brought the shooting experience of a DSLR shutter button to the touch screen. By turning the mode on, you can half press to focus, full press to capture using the in-app shutter button. The 3D Shutter is ideal for scenes in motion or when your subject is moving across the scene. This feature is only available for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, 7, and 7 Plus.


We’re excited to announce that the Moment Case’s shutter button now works with Apple’s native camera app! This version includes a firmware update which will make your Moment Case compatible. Click into the case icon in the Moment App and follow the instructions to update your firmware. Be sure not to close out of the app while updating to avoid any potential issues with the update.

We’ve also added a new video stabilization feature to the toolbar: choose from auto, standard, and cinematic modes to make your videos look silky smooth.

Click here for more tips on using the Moment App.


The Moment Mounting Plate attaches any Moment Lens to a variety of compatible phones. Already included in the box with every lens that you buy, these accessory mounting plates are great for moving your Moment Lenses across multiple devices.

When mounting your plate, make sure you are in an area that is room temperature or warmer to ensure the best possible bond from the adhesive to the phone. Allow the plate to properly adhere for as long as possible. The adhesive takes 48-72 hours to fully cure, so if you can — wait to start using it, or be careful in the first couple days of using the plate.

Click here for more tips on your Moment Mounting Plate.


The Moment Wide Lens is our flagship, it’s the first product we created: a lens that is so wide that it captures the entire scene without any distortion. We love the Wide lens because it’s an everyday, take it everywhere kind of lens for shooting photos and videos. It’s 18mm design is ideal for shooting landscapes, architecture, Venus, and food.

Click here for more tips on using your Moment Wide Lens.


The Tele lens is the piece of gear that eliminates a DSLR from many backpacks. Instead of lugging around a 5-lb lens, the Moment Tele lens packs a huge punch by getting you twice as close to the action. We also love this lens because it’s extremely versatile. Though we think the Tele is best suited for portraits, landscapes, and beautiful depth of field.

Click here for more tips on using your Moment Tele Lens.


The Superfish Lens captures the widest possible scene on a mobile phone without vignetting. This lens is perfect for taking photos and videos in tight interior spaces, capturing the entire scene while out on a hike, or for unique angles of action sports and architecture.

Click here for more tips on using your Moment Superfish Lens.


We love tiny details, so we made a Macro Lens to captures life-size images of the smallest objects. What we love most about the Macro Lens is that you can spend an entire day getting lost in your own house, garden, or shop exploring miniature details. Textures, materials, and even water beads become a whole new realm to explore.


The Macro Lens captures life-sized images of the smallest objects. Designed with the sharpest glass, you can now capture close-up scenes that phones were never before capable of seeing. One thing a Lot of people don’t realize is that the diffuser hood is actually removable. And it’s super easy to do! To remove the diffuser hood, take the lens with one hand and grasp the hood’s outer edge with the other and simply pinch and pull which will loosen the seal and allow the hood to detach from the lens. It takes a bit of force, but don’t worry you won’t break it.

Click here for more tips on using your Moment Macro Lens.


The very best way to clean your Lens is with the Moment Lens pen which is available on the site.

Use the brush end of the pen to wipe away any excess dirt or debris. Use the microfiber tip for clearing away any fine dust, smudges, or fingerprints. If you don’t have a Moment lens pen, the microfiber lens bag works great to clean the front element of the lens. The small back element of the lens can also be cleaned with a simple household Q-tip, if you don’t have the pen. It’s also helpful to clean your phone’s camera lens where dust or lint can collect.


Moment Straps are the world’s first camera strap specifically designed for mobile devices. Made in the USA, these straps that will keep your Moment Case secure and in good condition. This video will show you how to install the strap on to your case.

Instructions work for all Moment Straps:

For more tips and guides on your Moment products visit our main getting started page and the Momentist.

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