Galaxy Note 9 Camera Review

Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 boasts a lot of great upgrades, but it's the camera that really counts. Is it worth the $1,300 price tag?

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We’re beyond stoked to get our hands on Samsung’s brand new Note 9; a sexy upgrade with some pretty sweet additional features.

Caleb and Niles finally have this bad boy in their hands and wanted to do a hands-on review from a photographer’s perspective. The camera on any new smartphone device is one of the most important features people look at in order to upgrade, so we wanted to give you the nitty, gritty details. Is this phone worth the $1,300 price tag?

Notable Specs:

  • Two lens which are both optically stabilized.
  • Dual Aperture; f/1.5 and f/2.4
  • 4K 60FPS for Video
  • SloMo Video at 960FPS; but fairly unusable since you can only use it up to 0.4 seconds.
  • API Modes for up to 20 different scenes.
  • Beautiful 6.4-inch Infinity Display
  • Huge Battery (4,000MHA) and storage options (1TB)
  • Touts support for 512GB SD Card Sizes

Bigger than any previous Note phones in every way, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a larger screen, heftier battery and a massive 1TB of storage option. Although visually identical to last year’s model, it will have an updated processor (Snapdragon 845 vs the Snapdragon 835) giving you some extra oomph for your device.

Downloadable Files!

In this camera review we wanted to test sharpness, dynamic range, and colors from the phone’s camera — totally raw, unedited, and organic. Best part? We’re giving you the raw images so you can test them out for yourselves up close and personal.

Download The Files


Excellent sharpness on macro photography shots. Take a zoomed-in peak look at Nile’s photograph featuring an up-close rock formation in the corner of the photograph to see for yourself. However, the video’s sharpness capabilities are reminiscent of someone going into Lightroom and cranking up the clarity at an unnecessary level. We could do without that.

See The Pictures

Dynamic Range

Because the boys shot during a particularly hazy day in downtown Seattle, the colors were optimized for a perfect dynamic range; nonetheless, we were pretty impressed with how the camera handled diluted highlights and soft shadows.

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People have always given Samsung grief due of their super poppy colors, but they may have changed something recently as we didn’t see that during the shoot. The colors had a beautifully soft, forgiving flare. Though, some of that could have been due to the crazy wildfire’s everywhere.

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Galaxy Note 9 Case

The Galaxy Note 9 is prized as the smartphone holy grail for its unmatched battery life, diverse AI modes, and gorgeous aperture setting for epic low light photography. Using our supporting photo cases and lenses for this baby makes things all the more exciting, too. We were pretty dang impressed by what we got out of it.

Open those RAW files above and check out the fully organic, unedited specs of the Supercam itself. 

Happy Shooting!